Big government out of control and other letters to the editors

Big government out of control and other letters to the editors

August 11th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Big government out of control

Our government has become a huge monster. A $17 trillion dollar debt, huge unemployment, 50 million people on food stamps and we're confronted daily with lies, waste and scandals. In addition to our three branches of government, a fourth destructive branch has emerged which I'll call the "Regulations Branch."

This branch has grown like a cancer with the federal government adding thousands of new regulations each year. Adding state and local regulations, last year the number balloons to 77,000. The Federal Tax Code is 70,000 pages. Obamacare already contains 15,000 pages.

Bigger government is the formula for destruction. You and I just might be living in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots. Our government is what politicians make it. Vote in November.


Paper's position causes severance

Upon hearing that Drew Johnson has been fired for an extremely accurate title and editorial about our president, I want to cancel my subscription to the Times Free Press.

I have had a subscription to this newspaper for almost 30 years as an adult and certainly read the News Free Press and Times for many years as a young person growing up.

I feel sad to let go of this association, but am so disturbed by your anti-conservative position that I feel compelled to sever it.

If that is the quality of leadership of the Times Free Press, I suggest that you fire the Times editorial page editor for repeatedly printing articles by Paul Krugman, distressingly inflammatory.


Here's a toast to Drew Johnson

The only page in your newspaper worth reading and you fire the guy?

The headline was perfect for your newspaper. Good for Drew Johnson to sneak it past your politically correct staff of libtards. I can't believe you fired the guy for that. And then pretend you fired him for breaking your editing rules. But the truth as your story says is that "the headline was inappropriate for this newspaper." No it wasn't, it was the perfect headline, clever and funny, unlike Bennett.

What is inappropriate in any newspaper are the terrible nasty Clay Bennett drawings.

The same old tired corny radical left cliches, not funny, not clever, not original, mixed with a mean, vicious, hateful spirit. Obviously Drew did not violate your standards, you don't have any.

And and I want to thank you for the nice bottle of wine you will buy me every month as soon as I call to cancel my $16.99 a month contribution to your no-standards rag. I will drink a toast to Drew.

NOLA HELMS, Signal Mountain

Firing shows paper is a left-wing rag

The letter in the paper defending the firing of Drew Johnson was insulting. Who do you think will believe that nonsense other than some of your left-wing minions.

It reminds me of the time that Harry Austin sent me a personal email challenging my complaints about Clay Bennett's sick cartoon of Judge Moon and Judge Bales. As I have said in previous letters, you can write anything you want, and you can hire and fire anyone you want. That being said, do not expect serious people to confuse the Chattanooga Times Free Press as a serious paradigm of journalism, for the events of last week have shown what you really are, and that is a left-wing rag! Your actions brought national attention to Chattanooga and are quite frankly an embarrassment to our area. I have thought about canceling my subscription.

The reason that I have not is that I can handle opposing views on issues, which is something the Chattanooga Times Fee Press obviously cannot.


N.H.C. in Rossville an excellent choice

Three months ago something very tragic interrupted our "normal," happy lives. My precious wife Sandra had a serious stroke that left her paralyzed on her left side. Three weeks later she fell and broke her left hip.

After receiving excellent care at Erlanger hospital we decided to have her moved to N.H.C. Health Care in Rossville, Ga. Our selection was primarily because the location was convenient for us and we knew several people residing there.

Looking back, my family and I can truthfully say that our selection of N.H.C. Rossville was the best choice we could have made. We found the professional health care that many families are seeking. Who would have thought that in the small community of Rossville one could find such a thoughtful, caring place. Not only are they professional in their care, they are caring in their profession.

We wish that we could name each and every staff member who works there, from housekeeping to the director. Everyone contributed in their own special way but suffice it to say "kudos" N.H.C.

Rossville! You are the best!

THE GORDY FAMILY, ,Larry, Sandra & Girls

Many agree with Johnson on Obama

This is about the right side of the paper. I read what Mr. Johnson said in his editorial.

I didn't see anything wrong with it. He just told the truth as he sees it, and a lot of other people in this area have the same feeling about Obama. I feel just like he does. I don't respect him or anything he stands for. I respect the office, but not the person in the White House.

I think you jumped the gun a little too soon when you fired him. I don't agree with every editorial he writes, but I agreed with this one. You could have reprimanded him.

You went too far.

ETTA MORELAND, Rossville, Ga.

Case involving dog handled badly

On 7/11/13 my son-in-law's pet boxer was chained to a tree in his front yard so he could enjoy watching something besides the 8-foot wooden fence surrounding his backyard. A couple walking their dog carelessly allowed their dog to get too close to Poncho who was in the street because my son-in-law did not make the chain short enough to keep him in his yard. They alleged Poncho attacked their dog, although not one person on the street, nor my son-in-law who was at home, heard a thing. My Hispanic son-in-law signed the surrender form thinking it meant McKamey would find another home for his dog. He also did not understand the word "euthanasia" before sign ing that form.

Would it not have made more sense to apprise the dog's owner, who was at home, before calling McKamey to seize his pet? Hope you're happy that you have left a family heartbroken when you could have handled the situation differently. I am not blaming McKamey's officers, who were just doing their job.


Who jeopardized national security?

The NSA has many secrets which they say are necessary for reasons of "national security." But, what if NSA secrecy includes a "cover-up" of director Michael Hayden's corruption and incompetence?

What if, but for Hayden's conduct, 9/11 was probably preventable? Thanks to four "whistle-blowers" the lid is off the "cover-up."

These four were government employees at NSA. They were super smart programmers charged with keeping America ahead of everyone as regards obtaining "actionable intelligence." They succeeded: the program was called "Thin Thread." Prior

to 9/11, it was in place and operational.

Hayden, obsessed with privatizing all NSA functions, spent over $1 billion on contracts with corporations to set up a massive system to do the same thing as "Thin Thread." It was called "Trailblazer." Hayden put it into operation along with tried and true "Thin Thread." It was useless and never obtained an iota of actionable intelligence.

Nevertheless, during the month leading up to 9/11, Hayden turned off "Thin Thread."

During this time there was a lot of terrorist "chatter."

Trailblazer couldn't handle it.

Those in the know say "Thin Thread" could have gotten the actionable intelligence and 9/11 avoided.

Who jeopardized national security? Four or Hayden?


Reinstate Johnson, terminate Bennett

I cannot believe you fired Drew Johnson and still carry that tasteless cartoonist, Clay Bennett, in your newspaper.

I believe that you manufactured a reason to put in your announcement of Mr. Johnson's termination. I am a middle-class, conservative citizen and I tolerate your liberal slant on most everything only because of the

right-hand side of the editorial page. As a subscriber to your newspaper since 1979, I feel I have the right to ask you to reinstate Mr. Johnson and terminate Mr. Bennett.