Crosses worth price if they save souls and other letters to the editors

Crosses worth price if they save souls and other letters to the editors

August 15th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Crosses worth price if they save souls

I have been reading the letters for the past several days and am amazed at the subjects which have been discussed by the many writers of said letters. I can't help but wonder what Jesus would say, and or do in the many instances that have made history here recently.

I just simply would like to ask one question of those who have been so critical of the crosses which have just been put up by the Crossings Church near Interstate 75.

That question would be: Is the $700,000 too much to spend if those crosses were to win just one soul? Would Jesus think that was to much to spend or would he spend $7 million and maybe more for the one soul that avoids eternity in Hell?

God Bless the souls that are bless by these crosses.


Newspaper's liberal leanings too much

Although the Chattanooga Times Free Press stated that Drew Johnson was fired because he changed the headline of his editorial, we are persuaded that he was fired because he criticized Obama once too often.

My parents witnessed Hitler's propaganda machine systematically destroying free speech. Fast forward to present time America and the persistent violation of the First Amendment. People are silenced on Benghazi, while the perpetrators are running free. I read Karl Marx and saw the economic devastation caused by this philosophy in the Third World and in Europe. Does anyone understand that Obama's agenda is a socialist agenda bent on destroying our freedom?

Having subscribed to the Chattanooga Times Free Press for many years and noted with distress its move from conservative to liberal left, we decided to take a stand and cancel our subscription.


Firing raises concerns among paper's readers

I, as were many of my friends,associates and colleagues, was very disturbed when I read in your paper about the termination of Drew Johnson. Although it is certainly your right, it appeared to be done without forethought. Your share holder's surely found it difficult to understand such action taken that would likely disturb conservative business owners and advertisers. The news of Mr. Johnson's termination is a detriment to Chattanooga and the surrounding area. We feel in terminating this man you have become a part of the "problem" rather than the resolution to move forward with a fair and balanced approach Americans of both parties may appreciate, just as we have for the past two centuries. This action serves to increase concerns of what America is undergoing. Mr. Johnson's headline selection stated an evident truth. Truth isn't as valuable as it once was to media and elected officials. Newspapers are losing subscribers to social media. We're witnessing an implosion due to anti-American politicians and radical Islamist.

PAUL A. TIPTON, Dalton, Ga.

Protesting scripture shows confusion

Some often protest whenever someone quotes Bible scriptures. As a matter of fact, some are not scared of such scriptures as Revelation 22:18-19. They want to change the scriptures to please themselves. Even through Hebrews 13:8 says Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Could it be some who protest Bible quotes are apprehensive about Christianity, but they do not want to admit it? Might they perhaps seeking to find out what the cross of Jesus is all about?