A few questions for Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and other letters to the editors

A few questions for Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and other letters to the editors

August 16th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

A few questions for Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

I offer the following questions in response to David Cook's columns on the arrest of four Mexicans for fishing without a license.

1. Why does the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency arrest and jail people like these four fishermen, causing them humiliation, bond fees, plus fines and court costs of $242 each for not having a $28 fishing license? (A TWRA officer is quoted as saying these arrests happen at least monthly in Hamilton County.)

2. Does TWRA really need to arrest all foreigners caught fishing without a license and who only have their home country ID, from VW visitors to Sister Cities delegates, foreign tourists to new immigrants?

3. Why doesn't TWRA recognize passports and other official foreign ID's as do many other agencies? (Cook cites the TWRA arrest report referring to the fishermen having Mexican ID's).

4. How would we Chattanoogans feel if, while visiting Acapulco, Mexico, we went fishing and were arrested, jailed, and fined hundreds of dollars because we didn't have a fishing license or a Mexican ID?

5. Does this TWRA policy of arresting people for fishing reflect the positive image of Chattanooga we have worked so hard to create?


Media should hold Obama accountable

In regard to the article in the Sunday paper, Aug. 11, 2013, by Jason Taylor, president of the paper, why should Drew Johnson be terminated because of a word that has many different meanings. Where is the paper, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN demanding that the president treat, we, the people, with respect and put in a full days work to get our country out of this mess he has created. The president puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.


Treating others with respect is important

Two men were loading bulky furniture I had just bought onto my trailer. I was very troubled on how one of them, a white man, was abusing the help of his fellow employee, a large black man, who took the abuse silently:

The white man made a mad remark when the black man simply asked him how he should help him position a large table in my trailer. Then, after showing his displeasure continuously at the black man, his parting remark was "Don't ask me to help you again."

No one should have to work under his fellow employee giving him such undeserved disapproval. With jobs so scarce the black man dared not cause a disturbance.

I felt the white man should give the black man an apology, and be disciplined for his obvious prejudice. God guide us all.


Fonda: Once a traitor, always a traitor

I am a Vietnam veteran and I will never ever, ever forgive traitor Jane Fonda for her crimes against the military when she visited Vietnam during the war and called the American POWs baby killers. Some of these poor men had been beaten, tortured and abused for many years. Her posing on a B52 wreckage while making the comments was atrocious. Please boycott this movie, The Butler, in which Fonda plays the part of former First lady Nancy Reagan.