Lloyd still looking out for Third District and other letters to the editors

Lloyd still looking out for Third District and other letters to the editors

August 17th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Lloyd still looking out for third district

How great it was to read the letter this Aug. 14 from former congresswoman Marilyn Lloyd. She helped my cousin in getting he and his wife Social Security for his disability. It saved their lives. This is just one of many things her 20 years of service represented.After being elected to Congress she went to Washington, not as a Democrat, but as a representative of all the people in the Third District. Upon reading her letter, I see that she still remains concerned for the district's welfare.

She was elected for 10 terms and states it was an honor to represent the Third District. Well said Congresswoman, but may I say: It was our good fortune to have the honor of being represented by you.

HELEN MALMGUIST, Cleveland, Tenn.

Obama omits energy efficiency in speech

It's an exciting day when the President of the United States comes to town. If his proposed plan to "create good jobs that pay good wages in durable industries" came to pass, there would be even better days. How to get there is, of course, the challenge.

But when the president was talking about energy, he neglected to mention energy efficiency--one proven way to create good paying jobs. Bonus: energy efficiency and use of renewable sources help avoid power produced from dirty coal and unsafe nuclear plants that spoil our air and health.

In Chattanooga, we're proving we can do more with the same or less amount of energy. That means more jobs and less pollution in our community. Just look at Volkswagen, the world's first and only LEED Platinum certified car factory run partly by solar energy and providing 5,000 jobs! EPB has also taken award--winning steps to keep operational costs down with energy efficiency measures that provide jobs. Next time the president comes to Chattanooga, I hope (s)he'll see more, good, old--fashioned American ingenuity at work making our homes and businesses more energy efficient. The result will be lower utility bills, less harmful emissions, and more jobs.


Respect for president is common courtesy

Talk about moral decline! I can't believe people would think it's OK to tell a seated president to take his plan and "shove it" in a public forum. Common courtesy would prevent most, I hope, from being so disrespectful, no matter what his or her political leanings. If the Times Free Press were as biased as some (very vocal) people would have us believe, it wouldn't print their letters of complaint. It's very sad, and typical of what is going on in our government today, that parties can only see one side of an issue with no objective to try to understand opposing views in a civil manner.

ELSIE O'BRIEN, LaFayette, Ga.