Johnson is not voice of conservatives and other letter to the editors

Johnson is not voice of conservatives and other letter to the editors

August 19th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Johnson is not voice of conservatives

For those readers who are angry about Drew Johnson's firing, do you really want to defend someone who thinks pornography is a "miracle" that reduces teen pregnancy?

Do you really consider his a persuasive conservative voice? Really?


Hargis' article on Clark an inspiration

Kudos to Stephen Hargis for a well-written a nd inspirational article. Kudos to Austin Clark, the diminutive freshman lineman, with Down syndrome, playing for Hixson High School. He is our hometown "Rudy."

It appears that with all of the chips stacked against him from birth, he soldiers on. He does not complain and finds joy in life just

through participating in a team sport. He should be a reminder to us all - who were lucky enough to be born without the challenges

he was - that whenever we start singing the "woe is me" song and worrying about the little things that we feel are obstacles in our life - there are people out there who overcome much more burdensome obstacles than we do, and with a smile on their face.

Excellent article.


Cook's column about Ed Young is off base

David Cook's column, "15 Years, seven shotgun shells," is so full of holes it could have been shot with shotgun shells.

Ed Young is a criminal, a burglar and a thief. David Cook states that Young's lawyer said, "Young broke into only unoccupied homes."

Most burglars break into what they hope to be unoccupied homes. There is no certain way of telling if the home is unoccupied or if someone will come home unexpectedly. When a burglary is interrupted, violence often occurs.

The information is coming from his defense lawyer, who is paid to defend him against all charges, justified or not.

"Young turned his life around," so he is no longer committing crimes? Why was he arrested?

"Ed Young is 43, disabled and a good dad." An adult at 43 is not a good dad if he goes out burglarizing knowing that his family are victims if he gets caught.

He was able bodied enough to go out committing crimes. Remember he fell under the guidelines of the Armed Career Criminal Act for

having three prior convictions for violent felonies.

The real injustice, tried in county court, he would only have been sentenced to 10 to 16 months.


Linking bankruptcy to Democratic leaders

It is wonderful that Tennessee Democrats can crow about the mayors of the largest cities in the state being run by Democrats just like the mayors of Detroit; Birmingham; and Stockdale, Calif.

Maybe Tennessee Democrats can make bankruptcy as stylish as it is in those fine cities.

But then, in reality, what major city on the verge of bankruptcy does not have a Democrat as mayor?


Bible tells us what Jesus would do

The trio of crosses are a testimony to the world that is lost and going to hell.

If every person in Chattanooga would send $10 a month to the food bank, there would be plenty to feed the hungry.

Sometimes we don't know what Jesus would do unless he tells us in his word. He wept over Jerusalem because they were lost and scattered abroad.