Homosexual behavior is against God's way and other letters to the editors

Homosexual behavior is against God's way and other letters to the editors

August 22nd, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Homosexual behavior is against God's way

This is in response to the misconceptions of (God) Yahweh's directives for a healthy community rejected by the liberal media, atheists and other unbelievers.

The gay community is not gay; their behaviors in the area of intimacy are abominable, unhealthy and deviant. Remember, the pure in heart shall see God (Yahweh), according to Matthew 5:8. Society's ills in the "s-e-x" department all stem from false and vain philosophies. Man generally chooses wrong desires and ways. One must repent of evil thoughts and deeds, and "learn" how to be pure. The holy union-man and woman in marriage-is pure; all else is immoral.

By the way, all sins of sexual immorality can be forgiven, and a new way of living provided-which includes peace and a healthy culture for society. Everyone is welcome to come to the cross for cleansing. We love the people (gays) we just reject their vain and unclean ideas and philosophies. Blessing to all who live (clean lifestyles that please Father God (Yahweh Elohim).

LINDA L. ROZAR, South Pittsburg, Tenn.

Smoking struggles plague many in area

Dalton Roberts' column sharing his struggle with tobacco will connect with many readers. His willingness to disclose the battle (and victory) over nicotine is admirable.

Chattanooga seems possibly ready for healthy change regarding public tobacco use. There is success in bringing in outdoor athletic events that showcase our area. Many convention committees do consider tobacco policies before making location decisions.

Our hospital systems continue to work to keep their campuses mostly free of tobacco smoke for health reasons.

Knoxville has enforced a tobacco - free school campus policy for several years. (Hamilton County Schools' written policy suggests a tobacco - free environment. Read it carefully. Not yet.)

An addicted smoker who wants to quit deals with a powerful personal struggle. Chattanooga has seemed to deal with smokers somewhat similarly. Mostly, we are enablers to smokers, much to their detriment, and ours. We can choose to act differently. To remain in "fuzzy" denial (minimization) is a costly position.

Smoke - free public areas showcase our area too. There are good and healthy reasons to move in this direction.


Democrats' scare tactics continue

The "sky is falling" Democrats are once again attacking Republicans for not embracing their global warming hysteria. Earth weather has been in constant change since earth formed 4 billion years ago.

All sorts of natural events shape the earth's weather far more than man's activity. The sun is nearing the end its 11- year sunspot cycle and the reversal of its magnetic poles has either recently occurred or will soon occur. Sun spots, pole reversal and other activity on our sun cause more weather change than coal burning or India's cattle flatulence. The wealth redistribution fanatics are once again looking for ways to destroy our country and go hand in hand with the "experts" seeking grant money to further their "research".

WILLIAM L. GODSEY, Crossville, Tenn.

Bernard's commentary was an excellent read

Hats off to Jack Bernard for his excellent commentary on the Republican Party in the South. We need more people in Washington with his open-minded approach to solving our nation's problems. If you didn't read his article in the Sunday T-FP, go back and find it. Also, I encourage you to read T. J. Reid's book "Healing of America" for insight into health care systems in other countries.

ROCKY RENNEISEN, Signal Mountain