Church did not out family; they opted to go and other letters to the editors

Church did not out family; they opted to go and other letters to the editors

August 24th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Church did not oust family; they opted to go

I am appalled at what the paper put on the front page on Aug. 21 "Church ousts gay detective's family."

The headline is contradicted by the facts of the story. The fact is that the family chose to leave the church rather than repent of their sin. Mrs. Cooper knew the church's stance on homosexuality and sin. She could've repented, but chose to leave.

The church did not oust them at all. It saddens me that you print a headline that is contradictory to the facts.

Will you please issue an apology and a correction? Is the newspaper business hurting so much that it needs to make up phony headlines just to sell papers?


Jack Daniel's jobs make harmful product

Ninety jobs from the Jack Daniels Distillery expansion in Lynchburg, Tenn., seems great until you read the report from the Centers for Disease Control that states that, in 2001, 34,833 people died from cirrhosis of the liver, cancer and other diseases from too much beer, wine or spirits. Another 40,933 died from car crashes or other mishaps caused from excessive drinking. It went on to state that excessive for men was more than two--drinks a day or more then four per occasion. For woman it was more then one per day or more then three per occasion. The numbers don't even touch the families destroyed, marriages ruined and children with few good childhood memories. But hey, we have 90 new jobs!!


Cook's columns belong on Opinions pages

On occasion, I have felt that David Cook's articles rightfully belong on the opinion editorial pages. His article published Aug. 21 titled, "The Church that stole Jesus" is a perfect example of what belongs in the editorial section. The only facts in referenced article concerning the subject matter have been previously reported as news in the news section.

Cooke's vitriolic ramblings regarding the action of the church leaders and pastor is certainly not news. His statement that their actions are not Christian is his judgmental opinion and certainly not news.

In closing, I refer Cook to Matthew 7: 1, for guidance in the preparation of his future columns.

TOM CREAL, Signal Mountain

Inaccuracies in paper should be pointed out

Thank you for printing Ben Benton's story on centenarian Lucille Lewis on Aug 19. It was heart--warming. However, please note that in paragraph two William Howard Taft was incorrectly identified to as the nation's 28th president. In fact, it was Woodrow Wilson who was in his first year of office when Mrs. Lewis was born.

I understand your position on letting Drew Johnson go; but I wonder if the person who didn't approve his poorly worded headline is the same person who did approve headline that appeared in very large type on the Free Press editorial page Sunday, Aug. 18.

Please reassure us that there is still someone working at the TFP who knows the difference between "flout" and "flaunt."