Root causes of our conflicts - and more letters to the editors

Root causes of our conflicts - and more letters to the editors

December 3rd, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Root causes of our conflicts

Randy Schultz (Perspective, Nov. 24) worries about "a figurative civil war" that divides Americans.

Well, why do we dislike one another? Because we dislike people groping our wallets and telling us what to do, and big government, bloated bureaucracy, lives by doing both. So a peace movement has to make the government much smaller.

Instead of taxing Christians for unGodly schools or atheists for schools that tolerate any religious activity, separate school and state: Let people choose and pay for whatever schooling they want. Peace!

Instead of taxing workers to pay people not to work, trim the "safety net" to a minimum, sustainable and affordable. Get rid of corporate welfare; stop sacrificing little Chattanooga businesses to Volkswagen and Amazon. Kill the welfare for presidential candidates on Form 1040; let us freely support, or not, whatever politicians we like. Peace!

Instead of O'Romneycare's thousands of pages of laws and regulations, fire all the new IRS agents - does political unity grow from the barrel of an IRS gun? - and import a few thousand Filipino nurses to increase the supply of health care, and thus reduce the cost. Peace!

Jesus is libertarian; follow Him.


Volunteer says some are rude

I spent a half day at Shallowford and Lifestyle Way Drive as a volunteer for Citizens for Government Accountability and Transparency. We were collecting signatures for the petition to oppose the proposed Chattanooga "domestic partner" ordinance.

I would like to thank those who took time to stop and sign the petition and speak with us.

We saw several motorists who passed by and gave us thumbs up, and a few of course who gave a thumbs down.

What was so disconcerting were those who chose to give us the middle finger.

Is that a part of the love and tolerance they claim to possess? Yes, it's true what the Bible says, "You'll know them by their fruits."