Consenting adults, not criminals - and more letters to the editors

Consenting adults, not criminals - and more letters to the editors

December 4th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Consenting adults, not criminals

Well, Police Chief Bobby Dodd you sure showed us.

Agents of your department spend valuable time and money to conceive and execute a sting operation aimed at catching, arresting, and criminalizing some consenting adults who wanted to pay some other consenting adult for recreational sex. Bravo.

I wonder if the geniuses in your department who conceived this operation stopped to ponder exactly what scourge they were eliminating from our community. I mean in a society that uses sex to sell nearly every product under sun and where recreational sex between persons of all walks of life is commonplace, why shouldn't we be able to rent each other for an hour or two for that purpose.

Moreover, what have you really accomplished? These "johns," as you refer to them, are people -- men with lives, families, jobs, and reputations; all needlessly harmed because certain factions of society insist that they know better and the rest of us stupidly allow them to treat us like children.

It is one thing to tell a child what he can do with his genitals; it is another to tell an adult. And don't give me that "we don't write the laws" nonsense; to paraphrase my papaw, "any fool can write a law and any fool can enforce it."

Well, you got your front page story. Shame on you.


Shooting not a hunting mishap

This letter is in regard to the article by Tyler Jett in Saturday's (11-23-13) paper, about a LaFayette man who shoots his girlfriend.

As a lifelong responsible hunter, it is very upsetting to me that you titled your article as a "hunting mishap." No responsible hunter would jump from his rooftop, grab a rifle and walk into the woods to shoot a deer.

This man admitted to taking illegal drugs, probably did not have a hunting license and, according to the article, was not wearing the required orange clothing to be hunting.

It is this type of reporting that gives people a negative image of hunting in general and especially of the hunters themselves. Please think before labeling such incidents as hunting related.

AGNEW JEWELL, Dayton, Tenn.

Black and white and prejudice

Oprah Winfrey condemned criticism of Obama by saying that much of it is steeped in racism.

With him having a white mother and black father, where is the racism directed -- his white half or his black half?

GARY HAYES, Ooltewah