Love, compassion real source of joy - and more letters to the editors

Love, compassion real source of joy - and more letters to the editors

December 11th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Love, compassion real source of joy

Yes, society is downright obsessed with firearms and the suspicion toward others is widespread. Heck, many religions even espouse hate and distrust!

These two recent senseless gun deaths just might be indications of a broader disease in human society. Examples of our disease: We bear children whom are often ignored - "get out of my hair and go play video games." (And we wonder why those children seek attention in unhealthy ways). We race around, faster and faster, to make more money to have bigger houses and cars, which do not bring us lasting joy. Some humans rape toddlers, videotape that horror and have plenty of customers ready to buy those videos! Truly sick!

Our poor pets, which we hope will make us look cool or make us feel special, often wind up as ignored objects on a chain or in a cage. What a shame that nothing hits the spot (for long), with humans. We are dissatisfied and it is adversely affecting the planet.

The direction our society is headed is not looking promising. Too bad, because humans have such tremendous potential for love and compassion. And only those qualities can bring us real joy.


Learn about the real South

Walter Williams thinks the "civil rights struggle is over and won." He has obviously never lived in the real South. Look at a map. Virginia and George Mason University are not in the real South.


Time is on our side

How many times has doom been foretold and never come? There has been an awful lot of shadow-casting from tax-free pulpits and histrionic editorials over the issue of Chattanooga joining free society by extending benefits to the families of all its workers. This cabal of false prophets recently worked its will in conjuring enough black magic to force a vote on this civil right.

Is Chattanooga truly ready to be a real, grown-up city? Or will gnarled hands drag us back to their paranoia so concerned with the bedrooms of others? We shall see. But those of you who may support equality, take heart and do not despair. Time is with us, and you can see it all around you.

State by state, city by city, the walls of Jericho are tumbling down. Reports are still coming in, but the sky has yet to fall. Gay people will be an equal and accepted part of civil society, the only questions are where and when. Will Chattanooga be ahead of history this time, or be lagging behind it once more? Doom is just going to have to keep on waiting. In the meantime: vote.