Time for a face lift and other letters to the editors

Time for a face lift and other letters to the editors

December 16th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Time for a face lift

I have been impressed with the remarkable turnaround in downtown Chattanooga over the past several years. It has become a destination for tourists rather than just a stop-off point to the other sites. I remember how it all began with the renovation of the Chattanooga Choo Choo. That is the keynote for tourists coming to our city. I have a vision for the Chattanooga Choo Choo. There could be a revival of the railroad from the airport straight to the Choo Choo terminal. Chattanooga is famous for its Chattanooga Choo Choo theme. I believe tourists would flock here with an access to the terminal from the airport. I think the time has come for the Choo Choo to receive a face lift which would result in a bounty of tourism.

RHONDA GENTRY, Decatur, Tenn.

Give Auburn some respect

I don't write letters to the editor, but this time I can't resist. On the first day, Auburn, after having a winning season, was selected to play in the national BCS championship game. Mark Wiedmer, a Times Free Press sports writer, headlined his column on the front page of the sports section of how Auburn will be defeated in the upcoming bowl game. As an Auburn alumnus and one of the 600 or more Auburn alumni living in the Chattanooga area, I resent the personal, sarcastic remarks in his column. Ever since Auburn beat his beloved Alabama, he can't forget it. Mark, Alabama can't win every time. Get over it. Since you write about Alabama every day in your column, give Auburn, this one time, a chance, and you will see what they can do.

JACK ANDERSON, Chattanooga

Expanding Medicaid is common sense

Thanks to the Times for the editorial chastising of Gov. Haslam for his procrastination of over $1.4 billion in federal aid to expand Tennessee's Medicaid program. If the Republican governor and Legislature get their way, not only will 181,000 poor people remain uninsured (a matter of unconscionable cruelty), but the rest of us will also be negatively impacted. Tennesseans who pay federal taxes will have their tax dollars going to fund Medicaid in the states that have extended their programs, while we get nothing in return. Furthermore, we will be paying higher medical bills because uninsured people will continue to go to emergency rooms when they are ill or injured. This is the most expensive form of health care, and the costs will continue to be passed on to insured patients. It seems our GOP governor and Legislature are letting ideology and politics triumph over common sense.


Where's the payback?

So let me get this straight. The U.S. government bailed out General Motors and lost $10.5 billion, but GM is now sitting on $26.8 billion in cash? Pardon me, GM. I say you need to write us a check! Better yet, why not just write a check to each one of the 115 million households in the U.S. I could use it by Christmas, thank you very much.