Chief Dodd was a blessing and other letters to the editors

Chief Dodd was a blessing and other letters to the editors

December 20th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Chief Dodd was a blessing

During my decade-long service to the homeless people, I worked with at least four different police chiefs. By far, the most compassionate and generous among them is Chief Bobby Dodd. His integrity, humanity and his care for all of the people of our community has been a blessing to us. He and Chief Tommy Kennedy have been true friends and advocates for the homeless and marginalized people of Chattanooga. I thank God for their service and I will hold them in my deepest prayers. I will pray for our city in this time of painful transition that we surrender our politics and reclaim our humanity.

BROTHER RON FENDER, Brotherhood of Saint Gregory

Possible martial law

An Army colonel recently stated that many in the military are discussing the possibility that Obama will attempt to stay in office beyond two terms. Obama could do so by declaring a state of martial law. The easiest way is when massive unrest and riots occur throughout the United States. One way to cause this is by causing unrest through Obamacare which will cost more than people have been paying. Many insurance policies are being canceled and a lot of people will not purchase new policies due to costs. People needing medical support will not get it or will go deeply in debt. As this problem increases over the next two to three years, it is speculated that a glitch in the welfare payment system will occur and millions relying on these handouts will be cut off. People will then blame this on Republicans who froze government spending, causing Obama to suspend these payments. Obama will push racial tension and, along with Obamacare problems, will result in race wars and civil unrest. When these things happen, Obama can declare martial law. Elections can be postponed under martial law. This has happened in other countries. It could happen here.


Aspire to be like Jesus

In the spirit of the Advent season, I ask you to consider the basic teachings of Jesus. Jesus brought the world a radically different message. He challenged Old Testament beliefs of an eye for an eye and the virtue of hierarchy. He brought forth a new "world view." Jesus' message was clear: love your neighbor; turn the other cheek; love and honor yourself; don't judge others; forgive those who betray you; have compassion for those with different beliefs (the good Samaritan); give everything, except what you need to meet your basic needs, to the poor; embrace peace and turn away from violence. Jesus does not fit into the liberal mold, nor does he fit into the conservative mold. Jesus would most likely be called a "radical" today, just as he was in his time. His message is still relevant. If we are to walk in his footsteps, we must feed, house and give medical care to the poor. We must work to end violence... in our community and nation. We must give up our contempt of those with different religious and political beliefs. We must open ourselves to love, equality, generosity and cooperation. What radical notions.