Proud to be Ringgold Tigers and other letters to the editors

Proud to be Ringgold Tigers and other letters to the editors

December 21st, 2013 by Terry Hasden in Opinion Letters

Proud to be Ringgold Tigers

What a magical fall it was in our little town. We would like to thank the Ringgold Tiger football team for the thrills which you have given us on our Friday nights this year. Thank you numbers 7 and 43 for the heart and determination and the athletic skills which you displayed on every play, every week. Thank you to all of the other Tiger players for following those leaders to such success. Thanks to the coaching staff for their hard work and training. Thanks to the Ringgold Marching Tiger Band for continuing their recognized excellence. Thanks to the cheerleaders for those witty playoff banners. Thanks to Ms. Vaughn and Blue Nation for those baby powder showers. Thanks to the parents for letting us have the pleasure of your children. Friday will be empty until next year. Proud to be from Ringgold, Ga., and proud to be Ringgold Tigers.


Bring back Judge Parker

A recent letter in the paper says it right. Bring back the Judge Parker comic strip. I also enjoyed it, but I certainly can't say that for the one that replaced it. Whoever made that decision made a bad one. I agree with the letter writer. I hate the new strip.

MRS. LaMAR KEMP, Rossville

Liberal Democrats have lost their way

In response to Mike Luckovich's opinion, Sunday, 12/08/13: I am a proud conservative Republican woman. Guess what! I am for repealing Obamacare because I know the goal is that of a single payer system that will control every American's health care and personal freedom. You are a blockhead to believe all the manipulations, impudence, and outright lies associated with Obamacare. Minimum wage? It is raised periodically and should be $15 an hour? Get real, liberal democrats! Gay marriage? As to what is wrong with homosexuality I will direct you to Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). To me that says it all. As for denying women's reproductive rights, if a woman has an unwanted pregnancy for whatever reason, she has already lost control of her body. I think everybody on this planet knows deep down no woman has a "right" to hire someone to kill her baby in the womb and certainly not after it is born alive. Unfortunately, liberal democrats have lost their way and no longer have a moral compass.


GOP threats are unpatriotic

Award winner, author and longtime investigative journalist Carl Bernstein recently implied the Republican Party is no longer a fact-based party. Bernstein said, "It's about truth. It's about fact. It's about a wing in (the GOP) that has no interest in truth or governing or fact and it's bringing the country down." Really, Carl, you just got that? How about going after Iraq over 9/11 and weapons of mass destruction that did not exist? Republicans took no blame for the great recession yet they threaten another. My inbox from Republicans says the president is the anti-Christ, Muslim, Marxist, atheist, communist, socialist, black panther, without a birth certificate, planning on taking your guns and sending grandma to a death camp ( True or false? Ungodly, unpatriotic slanderous lies or just misinformed patriots? There are three ways to end the "Affordable Care Act" or any law. Elections, the Supreme Court or two-thirds of Congress to override a veto. Republicans failed. Extortion is not an option. The consequences of the GOP threats are unpatriotic and unimaginable. However, the Republican propaganda machine rarely fails.


Leave our DNA alone

A privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company, 23andMe, began offering its direct-to-consumer DNA testing service in November 2007. Up until recently, you could submit a saliva sample along with a $99 fee, and you could receive a genetically based assessment detailing many health related issues that you might be at a high or low risk of encountering, based upon your DNA. But now, our government has banned 23andMe from offering this service. So, we are no longer entitled to private DNA testing related to our own health. Is this because the government is going to enter this field, test our DNA and have custody of the most personal information we possess as individuals -- our own DNA? Why does the government need to be this involved in our personal lives and personal business? Don't they have much more important things to worry about, like (a) not screwing up the best health care system in the world (b) real, full-time employment (c) doing things to really stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power (d) solving the immigration issues (e) instituting a real energy policy that will lead to American energy independence.

ROGER BOWMAN, Ringgold, Ga.