Cook right on Robertson - and more letters to the editors

Cook right on Robertson - and more letters to the editors

December 25th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Cook right on Robertson

I do not agree very often with the opinions of David Cook, but he got one right by blasting the actions taken against Phil Robertson (Duck Commander) for expressing his beliefs.

I don't know when the silent majority of Americans will say "enough is enough" to so-called political correctness, but I suspect that the recent actions against Robertson have moved a large portion of the country a little closer to the line. Unless something can be done to stop or reverse this trend, I fear for the future of my country.

Actions taken in the schools by our friends to the North to remove all words stating Christ or Jesus from a religious Christmas song sung by grammar school students further exhibits how divided our country is becoming. Also, the Cracker Barrel company, which is mainly a Southern business, has shown its preferences and jumped on the PC bandwagon.

However, I believe they are going to get lonely on their ride when their business and stock prices go away.

WILLIAM T. NEELEY, Chattanooga

A&E knew Robertson when it hired him

What are the A&E producers of "Duck Dynasty" thinking?

They knew what Phil Robertson was like when they hired him and his family. A&E had no problem with him as they cashed in on the Robertson's rising popularity.

Now, suddenly, they are shocked. Phil Robertson has never made a secret of his narrow religious beliefs. His first book was published two years ago.

From the very beginning, Robertson insisted on the family prayer at the end of each episode, even adding "in Jesus' name."

This is either a publicity stunt or someone is secretly putting pressure on A&E. Robertson has never claimed to be anything but a Bible-believing redneck and has the same First Amendment rights as anyone else. Good for you, Phil.


Community meeting needed salesman

Calling that community meeting was a good idea. But you failed to invite a salesman. You tried to tell folks that their community has cancer, and that you want to cut out that cancer. Oh, it will hurt. That's poor salesmanship. No, it is very bad salesmanship!

No one but a doctor can get away with that approach. Doctors don't have to sell you on the cure. You do what they say, or you die. You approached our black community like doctors. You shouldn't have been surprised by the negative response.

What's needed is someone who understands how to sell painful but imperative surgery to patients who will not and can not admit they have cancer.

BILL LAUDEMAN, Chattanooga

Library going downhill

My family liked to visit the downtown Chattanooga Public Library weekly. Since the new director took her position, the library has gone downhill.

She removed the security at the door; front desk workers now serve coffee on top of intake, check out, registrations and all their other tasks. The coffee issue concerns me because the workers are handling items directly, then the coffee cups, yet there is no sink to wash their hands in between.

PC use is a nightmare! You have to use a computer just to use a computer! You have to use 2 PC's just for printing!

We miss the bookstore, too. She may have ordered new paint, coffee bar and removed the security, but it didn't help.

It makes me sad that she is being paid so much more than the previous director, yet nothing has actually improved so far as I can see. We don't go or stay as often any more because it's just not as enjoyable or welcoming like it used to be.

We used to know the names/faces of the workers, but sadly, many longtime workers have either requested to transfer or have been transferred to other branches.

Future Kindle purchase, I guess.


Why does Obama get to choose?

Your newspaper article stated that the Obama administration said it would allow wind power companies to kill or injure protected eagles without fear of prosecution for up to three decades.

Apparently, Obama gets to choose who is immune from adhering to federal laws. It was also noted that ethanol blended into gasoline has proven more damaging to the environment than the government acknowledges and that Obama's willingness is to accept environmental trade-offs, pollution, loss of land conservation and the deaths of eagles in hopes that green energy will help fight climate change (global warming).

Wasn't that his hopes for the taxpayers funding several solar panel and battery companies that went bankrupt?

GARY HAYES, Ooltewah