'Mitchell is one who cares for city' and more letters to the editors

'Mitchell is one who cares for city' and more letters to the editors

February 5th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Mitchell is one who cares for city

I have known District 2 City Council candidate Jerry Mitchell for a number of years primarily through business relationships in Chattanooga. I feel Jerry is a fine person with the integrity needed for this role and would serve our community well. He has been very involved with our city through the Parks and Recreation and was always a pleasure to work with and accomplished a great deal for our city. He is one of those people who makes you feel that he cares, and that is what we need -- more people who care.


Look to Tuder for honesty, service

No dog in the hunt. A North Georgia resident wants the folks in Chattanooga to take a real close look at one of the council candidates. Roger Tuder has been a close friend and confidant for over 20 years. If the voters really want the change that will bring honesty, integrity and hard work to their governing body, they should take the time to vet this man thoroughly.

I believe Roger will bring a long history of accomplishments and service to his fellow man and the community. Take the time to find out about this outstanding candidate.

KEN WALTERS, Ringgold, Ga.

Mitchell will engage entire community

As a resident of District 2, I am pleased that Jerry Mitchell is a candidate for City Council. He is a proven leader in both the public and private sector, and he has the professional and personal characteristics to represent us well in our district and citywide.

He has lived all but eight years of his life here and has genuine interest and concern for the future plans that will affect us all as we elect a new mayor and begin a new era for Chattanooga.

He will work with other council members to encourage economic growth for our city in an open, efficient manner. His goal is to engage and energize our entire community Northgate to Northshore, including our all important younger generation in seeking solutions together.

He will listen to what matters most to us and keep us involved and informed in the process of sound decision. Please join me in voting for Jerry to represent us in District 2 on March 5, or cast your vote early Feb. 13-28.


GOP 'forcing' Obama greatness

Just as Abraham Lincoln was "Forced into Glory," so are today's Republicans going to "force" Barack Obama into becoming the greatest president in the history of the United States.