Electric car chargers being put to good use and other letters to the editors

Electric car chargers being put to good use and other letters to the editors

February 11th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Electric car chargers being put to good use

I've had a 100 percent electric Nissan LEAF car for 20 months now. The LEAF is the best car I have ever driven.

The headline "Electric vehicle charging stations outnumber cars" is misleading and untrue. To me, that indicates that there are more chargers than cars. Regarding the comment from the log-stacker at Cracker Barrel at East Ridge, I think the writer would have been better off talking to the manager about the charger usage there. I've been at that restaurant about five times in the last year, and have only been able to charge my car once, because of huge SUV's or 80's gas guzzlers parked in the spots clearly labeled for electric vehicles. Another LEAF owner was charging there about six months ago while I was shut out of a spot. Consequently, 90 percent of my charging is in my home garage.

The article completely missed mentioning that there are two solar-powered charging carports in Chattanooga -- at the Theatre Center and at 2 Northshore Plaza, where there are five chargers. I have been shopping at Whole Foods when all five had electric cars plugged in.

Stephen W. Schmidt

Why no outcry over TVA's $245 million loss?

It's ironic that your article about TVA losing $245 million ran the same day as an article about Duke Energy retiring troubled nuclear plant. Bill Johnson was fired because of his mishandling of the Crystal River nuclear plant. Now we are stuck with this guy at TVA. Why hasn't there been an outcry over this?


GOP blames Tea Party for its own mistakes

Complaints about the Tea Party put forth by Karl Rove and other unhappy Republicans is precisely what I, and others, predicted would happen in early Obama world: If not elected, blame the Tea Party.

The Republican Party reminds me of a sign on the Tennessee state line "The Three States of Tennessee." Disarray within the GOP has become so evident that the Tea Party is looking askance at their representatives. John Boehner, quit crying and started giving Barack Obama keys to the treasury. The House is no longer keeper of the purse. The GOP has become an enabler to out of control spending. Raising the debt ceiling is equal to raising the credit card limit for a spendthrift.

Blame the conservative Tea Party, right? Obama wants to give virtual amnesty to "11 million workers" with millions of dependents. That should raise the hackles of legal immigrants and applicants around the world. However, Republicans are tripping over themselves to win Hispanic votes. Many immigrants in the U.S. resent the attention to illegal aliens while their jobs are being taken over by them. U.S. citizens are fed up with being pushed aside for jobs because they don't speak Spanish. Amnesty anyone?


Tom Tomiskek is best choice for District 4

Vote for Tom Tomisek for District 4. Tom has lived in Chattanooga for over 53 years. He has owned and operated business for over 40 years. He is a man who has rolled up his sleeves and got to work when he had to.

Tom has raised his 4 children, never missing a ball game, wrestling match, volleyball or cheerleading event.

He has lived in East Brainerd for over 40 years. He is an Eagle Scout, Army veteran, as well as a current business owner.

He has been a baseball coach, scout leader and was the ways and means vice president of the Chattanooga Jaycees. He was even chosen as the Jaycee of the year. He was treasurer of the Hamilton Taxpayers Association and elected president of his class of the citizens police academy.

Why would you vote for anything less when Tom is available?