'U.S. work visas should come with tighter rules' and more letters to the editors

'U.S. work visas should come with tighter rules' and more letters to the editors

February 12th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

U.S. work visas should come with tighter rules

I am fed up with our president calling Social Security and Medicare an "entitlement program." When I was working I paid into Medicare and FICA, my employer matched what I paid into Social Security. Let's talk real entitlement programs. The president, senators and congressmen -- and all of their staff. This is true entitlement. The taxpayer supports them. Their entitlements include the best medical insurance and retirement program. When the president, senators and congressmen serve only one term they retire with full pay and health care coverage. They should be on Social Security and Medicare. Quit giving illegal aliens a free ride. My granddaughter is a volunteer missionary in Krakow, Poland. Before she could get a visa, she had to show that she could support herself. Poland will not allow anyone seeking a visa take a job away from their people. My granddaughter had to raise $14,000 per year and place it in a Polish bank to prove she could support her self. Congress needs to make radical changes in letting people into America. A work visa should not be granted. They should have to show they can support themselves and not take jobs away from Americans.


Street name changes are counterproductive

We received a letter today from the Hamilton County Geographic Information Systems informing us that the name of our street will be changed: "to ensure that each property in Hamilton County has a logical and accurate address that is necessary for the preservation of public health, safety and welfare."

Our address has served us well for decades, so why must this potentially costly and inconvenient change be made? Ambulances have made quick calls to our home on the several occasions we have called 911 and friends from out-of-state arrive at our doorstep using their GPSs.

Modern technology renders this change actually counterproductive. So where is this coming from? And why is county money being squandered when our schools are struggling?


Solution to society's ills easier than we make it

There is an old saying, "You can't see the trees for the forest." I wonder sometimes if the answers to our problems are not before us and we fail to use common sense to realize it?

Why not bring in the National Guard to patrol the neighborhoods where drugs are manufactured, distributed and sold. We could have a power of presence. As for the gang problem in jails and prisons, here is a suggestion: Transfer troublemakers, bullies and gang bosses to other facilities on a yearly basis. Avoid the seniority complex by being incarcerated in one place too long. Another problem that could be solved -- illegals! I propose the government to offer amnesty to all ... no fines, penalties or repercussions. Just one demand: Get legal and pay more taxes.

Allow the sheriff, local police and other law enforcement personnel do their jobs without retaliation for doing their/our job! It is sickening when board members are so protective of criminal rights and take the side of criminals over highly trained law enforcement. Criminals must be punished. These men and women are just doing their jobs. Get out of the way and give them your total support!

REV. RONALD B. CASE, South Pittsburg, Tenn.

Global warming needs more local coverage

There has been so much talk in the news about the global warming lately. As a reader of the Chattanooga Times Free Press, I would like to suggest more articles about the global warming topic and what can regular citizens do to help with the global warming.