Free Press editorials were right on target and other letters to the editors

Free Press editorials were right on target and other letters to the editors

February 16th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Free Press editorials were right on target

I want to commend you for two outstanding lead editorials on Feb. 6 and Feb. 7. The former was a well justified condemnation of the tendency in both Nashville and Atlanta to pass useless and wasteful resolutions. Even if the idea of having a legislator him/herself pay for the cost involved is adopted (fat chance) that still does not address the wasted time and energy.

The article on Feb. 7, praised what is a long overdue attempt to update the Tennessee Code by repealing often longstanding, out of date, and useless legislation. The folks in Nashville have no problem passing new laws but are extremely lazy when it comes to repealing ones that are outdated or outmoded.


Gays do not belong in the Boy Scouts

We have many in Washington who are pushing the gay agenda, but we do not need an editor who supports that immoral lifestyle. Why would any parent allow their precious son to be in a scout troop with a gay leader or scout? If gays are allowed to be leaders and troop members, it will kill the organization.

Gays comprise only about 2 percent of the population according to their own estimates, so why allow them to dictate what we do? They should be encouraged to get counseling to change to a normal lifestyle.

The Boy Scout organization has been an excellent way to teach boys how to be men of good character and integrity. Allowing gays in the scouting program is not teaching them anything that is good.


Benson will help city be the best it can be

I taught for Jack Benson in the mid-1960's. I have been an admirer of his throughout his years of city government. I've watched his hard work, ability to bring about new ideas, and the integrity to stand up for what he thinks is right. Jack is a true fiscal conservative with common sense.

I ask all of my former students and anyone else who wants Chattanooga to be the best it can be to vote for Jack Benson.

JOHN SHELLEY, Whitwell, Tenn.

District 4 has benefited from Benson's work

I live in a small community in Mr. Benson's district. Our community has requested his assistance on a number of occasions. He is always available, and we have never failed to reach him when needed. Very importantly, he has worked closely with us to reach a fair and appropriate resolution to every problem we ask his help with.

If you live in Mr. Benson's district you already know how hard he works for everyone in his district and for the city of Chattanooga. This is why I am wholeheartedly behind him and encourage everyone in his district to keep Mr. Benson as our representative for District 4. Please vote for Mr. Benson on March 5th.