'East Ridge needs to go back in time' and more letters to the editor

'East Ridge needs to go back in time' and more letters to the editor

February 17th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

East Ridge needs to go back in time

Let's face it, not all cities can function with a "city manager-council" type government. East Ridge seems to be one of those.

Perhaps East Ridge needs to go back to the "commissioner-city administrator" form of government they had at one time where the city administrator served as a sort of department head, under the mayor, and each department had a commissioner; i.e. public works, police and fire, sanitation and recreation.

Under that system, each commissioner runs for election to their particular department and is held responsible for the services thereof. Of course, each department has a department head/supervisor (as is presently the case) for the day-to-day operation.

I can remember when this type of government worked quite well for East Ridge, and I'm not sure why the charter was ever changed to this present-day form.


East Ridge

Henderson best District 1 choice

Our city faces tremendous challenges with a debt of over $400 million. These are times when taxpayers need the best qualified elected leaders who have an interest in the community and who can be trusted to act in the people's best interest.

Chip Henderson and his family have lived in our district for 26 years, and he has been a leader in community activities as a coach, PTA member and school board member. He is a family man of the highest integrity who has proven through the contribution of his time that he cares about our district and our city's future.

Chip is also a proven business leader who guided his construction company to profitability during difficult economic times when other business failed. Our district and city are now experiencing difficult economic times. We need people like Chip representing us on City Council with both integrity and sound business knowledge to reduce the current debt burden and manage the people's tax dollars responsibly. I believe Chip Henderson understands our local issues and is the best candidate for District 1.

Please join me and my family in voting for Chip Henderson for District I City Council.


President still violating laws

This president has violated the Constitution of the United States of America and continues to do so. His 2011 killing of Anwar al-Awlaki for his words, which however despicable, were protected by the First Amendment, takes the overreach of the Bush years past the breaking point. The recent release of his rationale for killing citizens without arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing place every American in peril for their lives, whether they realize it or not. What can be done to one unpopular citizen today can be justified for any other at any time. The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments might as well not exist. This president ignores them, for now testing the waters by using those at the fringe of society to acclimate us to denying reality and surrendering our rights.

While he sets himself up as judge, jury and executioner, he asks us "reasonably" to disarm ourselves. After all, he only wants us to give up the scary-looking black rifles and magazines that hold too many rounds. Never mind that these rifles and magazines are held lawfully by millions of inoffensive American citizens.

Is it a coincidence that the president wants to gut the Second Amendment at the same time he is attacking our other constitutional rights? How is he in office while he violates his oath to defend the Constitution?


Tomisek offers a new vision

In order to further the quality of life in Chattanooga and assist in promoting the interest of citizens living in District 4, I encourage all voters in District 4 to support Tom Tomisek for City Council.

It is time for new leadership in District 4 and for a new vision to enhance the future growth in our district as well as the city.

It has been my pleasure to know Tom for many years. He has been a successful businessman and a long- time resident who has a perceptive outlook in solving problems.

Tom has always been honest in his dealings with the public, and his experience in business makes him a very capable public servant. He believes in fairness when dealing with issues that involve our city, and his professional leadership skills qualify him for this important role.

Please consider giving Tom Tomisek your vote in the city elections.


Electing Berke will unite city

Whether it's picking up trash on Glass Street or staying out late to listen to concerns, Andy Berke walks his talk. His commitment isn't isolated to only certain areas. He supports a small business's opening on Brainerd Road with the same enthusiasm that he gives in a downtown event's speech. Berke's vision for our city's government is multifaceted. His emphasis on efficiency, accountability and transparency will ensure a system rooted in service; his focus on engagement will create an innovative, inclusive vision for our area.

As first-time homeowners, my husband and I invested in Brainerd because we wanted to contribute to Chattanooga's most diverse neighborhood's renaissance. We are even more hopeful about its future under a Berke administration.

At Berke events, there are a wide range of ages, races, professions, and income levels - a true reflection of the people he represents. In partisan times, Andy is a unifying leader, winning over 70 percent of the vote in his state Senate re-election bid. Electing Andy is more than placing a new mayor in office; it's the beginning of a movement to bring Chattanoogans together, utilizing our individual talents to solve our issues and elevate our city's incredible success.


All readers deserve a good newspaper

Am shocked at a recent letter claiming the Times Free Press should just focus on Chattanooga! The paper reaches at least a 50-mile radius of population who shop, attend movies, museums, concerts, Riverbend, and celebrate by eating on special occasions.

And, we don't deserve a good paper?


Sewanee, Tenn.

Mitchell possesses a positive vision

Residents of District 2 should feel fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for Jerry Mitchell in the upcoming Chattanooga City Council election on March 5. I am a 23-year veteran teacher of the Hamilton County Schools and had the pleasure of dealing with Mr. Mitchell in a professional capacity about 10 years ago. I found him eager to help the children in the community, professional, and knowledgeable about the resources available to help solve our problem.

I admire Jerry's ability to stay focused on what is important - a positive vision for the future of Chattanooga, and District 2 in particular.

Please join me in supporting Jerry Mitchell for District 2 City Council.


McCullough gathers all the facts first

Having worked under the leadership of Tom McCullough for many years at Hixson High School, I can vouch for his honesty, intelligence and leadership skills. He listens to both sides of the story, gathers all the facts and only then makes the decision that will most benefit the entire population. No leader can please everyone all the time but Tom can ensure that all decisions are well researched and analyzed. Successfully interacting with parents of more then 1,000 students and a large faculty, all with their own needs and wants, requires a special leadership skill that will be extremely useful when dealing with the citizens of any district.

Just as important is the fact that Tom has a character that is beyond reproach. Honesty is ingrained in every fiber of his being. He will never make a decision for his personal gain. Instead his decisions will be designed for the people of his district. We need honest, intelligent leaders who are acting in the best interest of the district. There is no one that is better suited for this than Tom McCullough.


Special food delivery brightens the day

Student volunteers working on the 16th Habitat for Humanity house sponsored by GPS and McCallie schools received a wonderful and warm surprise from Bright School students and faculty: a home-cooked lunch. Thank you, Bright School students, families and faculty, for your thoughtfulness and selfless act of kindness. Your special delivery certainly brightened our day!

Donna C. Williams

Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga Area

Time to accept ACA exchanges

Talk about killing two birds with one AK-47. The Tennessee Legislature has passed a law allowing guns in parking lots. This not only keeps the NRA campaign cash flowing, it scares away any possible primary challengers in 2014. And they did it in record time! Now, how wonderful would it be if they could apply that same enthusiasm to the uninsured in Tennessee?

There are some administrative costs down the road, but the Affordable Care Act is virtually free to implement the first few years. It also would help hospitals in Tennessee offset some of their future losses from reductions in Medicare payments. Still, killing two birds with one cup of human kindness might not appeal to these elected officials.

After all most of these uninsured are poor and don't vote. And if they don't vote, they don't matter. Only in Tennessee can health care get shot down by the Old West.


Tullahoma, Tenn.