Folkner's priorities are with District 1 and other letters to the editors

Folkner's priorities are with District 1 and other letters to the editors

February 18th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Folkner's priorities are with District 1

Jim Folkner is my candidate in the upcoming city election representing District 1. Jim knows the problems we face in our city and has attended City Council meetings the last three years. No other candidate in District 1 has attended these meetings, so how could they possibly know what the problems are and how taxpayers moneys are wasted? Jim will get the priorities of taxpayer money back into our neighborhoods. Jim headed up the recall effort to oust Mayor Littlefield. He is a successful businessman who understands budgets and knows how to save money.

He has attended the citizen police academy, done ride-a-longs with police officers and will work with the police and public organizations to fight against one of our biggest problems -- street gangs.

The way brush is picked up in residential neighborhoods should be revised with an eye toward efficiency. Property taxes and storm water fees are too high and there is a lot of waste the way our money is being spent.

Jim Folkner is the only candidate in District 1 who has knowledge of the operation of the City Council, and I urge you to strongly consider voting for him. I surely will.


Rational thought not found in Obamaland

Here's an idea to help establish Obamaland. Why not suddenly ban nearly all semi-automatic rifles and many firearms and magazines suitable for self-defense?

Likely manufacturers, suppliers, shippers, wholesalers, retailers and investors would lose money. Employees would lose jobs. Federal, state and local governments would lose tax revenue. Some companies would be forced out of business -- especially small local gun stores. The gross national product would decrease. The Obamaland government guidelines of limiting the freedom of and imposing government controls on law-abiding citizens wherever possible would be followed.

The emotional and political excuse for taking this action could be that it would reduce violent crime. Unfortunately rational evaluation does not support this excuse. Criminals and crazies who ignore laws that prohibit breaking and entering, assault, battery and murder would hardly notice the ban. Unless violent people are removed from society, violence will continue with or without any guns. Visualize a crazy man with a razor sharp machete in a classroom of defenseless children. Some survive but never fully recover from their injuries or experience.

But don't adequately punish or control violent people; unconstitutionally control their weapon of choice instead. Lawbreakers are to be condescendingly treated in Obamaland

AL C. GRIST JR., Signal Mountain

Boy Scouts need to keep timeless values

For 100 years, Scouting has provided boys a superior leadership program. Scouting has enforced timeless traditions through the 12 points of the scout law, based in the 10 Commandments. The oath has helped rescue youths from paths that lead to destruction. From the Oath: "morally straight" has been an unquestioned reference since scouting's founding.

Now, some Americans desire to change what morally straight means because of shifting standards. Boy Scouts always have taught tolerance of opposing points of view, but not necessarily accepting others' values to have friendships. The scout handbook reflects this difference in tolerance and acceptance.

If scouting leadership decides to accept homosexuality as a normal way of living, are the Scouts abandoning timeless values? Is morally straight redefined?

Are the Scouts willing to make public what evidence is used in making this switch?

I am sure that it will be more remunerative for the Scouts' organization to acknowledge current cultural trends and accept homosexuality as a normal way of living. The timeless values that have been used for 100 years will be replaced with the expedience of shifting timely values with no root. Without root Scouting will die out.


Couples should focus more on the marriage

An article in the Times Free Press Feb. 10, describes the elaborate planning for weddings by couples in today's society.

With the highest divorce statistics every, one wonders that if as much planning went into the marriage as goes into the wedding would those statistics be different?