'Mitchell's experience best choice for District 2' and more letters to the editors

'Mitchell's experience best choice for District 2' and more letters to the editors

February 19th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Mitchell's experience best choice for District 2

Jerry Mitchell is indeed the best choice for the District 2 representative on the City Council. He has proven leadership that resulted in projects most of us have had the opportunity to experience. As head of parks and recreation under both mayors John Kinsey and Bob Corker, Jerry oversaw the programming and upkeep of our city parks and recreation areas. He also directed a marked increase in city park land - including Coolidge Park, the Champions Club in Lupton City, DuPont Park in Hixson, Enterprise South Natural Park and the 21st Century Waterfront.

These projects thrived mainly due to Jerry's inclusive leadership style, which engaged as many residents as possible in determining how the city could best serve recreational needs in their own neighborhoods and the city as a whole.

Jerry has a commitment to citizen involvement and an ability to listen to what people want, then work on how to best deliver it. Jerry Mitchell will make an outstanding city council member.

A vote for Jerry Mitchell is a vote for collaborative and visionary decision making, and I urge you to vote for Jerry.


Local paper is an asset to Chattanoogans

After having read the lengthy letter from the editor about the problems the Times Free Press is having, I waited to hear what solutions may be offered. I know many daily papers have folded or cut back to three-days-a-week home delivery, and I hope we will not suffer that fate. We have the best paper I have ever read and that includes papers in Memphis, Birmingham, Los Angeles and Little Rock. The division of the editorial page was a great idea which allows everyone to read the writers and stories they are interested in.

I understand the paper is a business and has to make a profit, but please try to find a way for us to continue receiving our Times Free Press.


Guns do not belong in the hands of teachers

I am opposed to teachers carrying guns. When I was at old Dickinson Junior High School, there were several teachers who might have shot me if they were armed and so inclined.


Congress is the true deficit in the United States

The Congress began another recess after "business" (ha, ha) on Friday. They have been on recess for over four years now. The American citizens need to recover some of the money fraudulently taken as congressional salary. That money could be used to help other aspects of the deficit. As it turns out, Congress is our major deficit!

I also see that the United States of NRA is going to "stand up and fight Obama on guns." They'd probably strengthen their position if they, too, threatened to cancel NRA paychecks to the paid NRA stooges in Congress and in the legislatures of many state capitols.