Tuder epitomizes strength, dedication and other letters to the editors

Tuder epitomizes strength, dedication and other letters to the editors

February 21st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Tuder epitomizes strength, dedication

After 21 years of friendship I can say that I know Roger Tuder.

His word is stronger than any contract you could ever sign. He actually surprises most by going above and beyond an agreement to keep his word.

Roger Tuder has worked for every single success he's enjoyed and brought a whole lot of folks with him. I can't remember a time when my friend wasn't helping someone else get a job, get into a school program, fix something at their house, or connect a friend with another friend. If we all did what Roger does, there would be no need for government programs.

Roger Tuder gets things done. He listens to those who've been ignored. Roger intervenes when others pay lip-service.

If you want a real representative on the City Council, Chattanooga, you need to vote for Roger Tuder.


Berke is poor choice for city mayor post

There are three registered candidates for the upcoming election for mayor, and yet your newspaper seems to have decided that only one candidate is deserving of your support: Andy Berke. In my opinion the last thing that Chattanooga needs as its new mayor is a Democratic career politician. The state government is controlled by the Republican Party, and I suspect would be far more favorably disposed to working with a mayor from their own party.

You should be asking questions about the reasons for the heavy donations to Berke's campaign.

People rarely donate to political campaigns without some expectation of reward. Guy Satterfield is beholden to no one and will work for the people because he's one of them, not a member of the politically connected elite. It's permissible for a newspaper to endorse a particular candidate for office, but do it in the editorial section, and not on the front page, passing it off as news.


District 7 deserves Anderson's leadership

As a lifelong resident of St. Elmo, I have seen many city council members come and go. Now Chris Anderson has emerged as a candidate for District 7, and I feel he would represent his district better than our present councilman. District 7 deserves a man like Chris Anderson who believes in progress and safer streets.

For the past eight years District 7 has had little or no real representation on the city council, but I believe Chris Anderson will be the type of councilman District 7 deserves. It is time for a change, and Anderson's energy and drive are what we need in Chattanooga.