Wages must go up if economy is to improve and other letters to the editors

Wages must go up if economy is to improve and other letters to the editors

February 23rd, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Wages must go up if economy is to improve

Our present economic system is based on consumption. Until that changes, the major consumer of goods, excluding perhaps military (known and unknown), is the common man or the middle class and those of lower income. The wage of this group in terms of buying power has been flat since the 1970s, and now their credit and meager job opportunities are dwindling. Profits (productivity) per worker during this time have skyrocketed and these sums now are held out of the system by entrepreneurs of higher level. Spendable (unnecessary) money is being stripped from an economy that is totally dependent upon it and moved to the nonproductive sector of our society, financial services, which in general make money off of money and do not contribute products.

Putting spending money by mandated wage in the hands of the worker is like adding engine cleaner to the gas. It costs like any improvement but eventually makes things run smoother and more profitable. Presently our economic system is like the Coromont with a self-applied ring around its neck preventing energy-sustaining food from getting to the body. Where is the purchasing power for the consumables that run our economy?


Limiting firearms is best for all citizens

The first amendment to the Constitution guarantees rights of free speech, freedom of the press and freedom to assemble. There are, however, limitations on all these rights.

The average citizen has no need for military weapons. Firearms purchased to protect families are more frequently used against family members than intruders. More guns have not made us safer.

The president of the NRA wants to "stand and fight" even though the majority of those members are for limitations, such as universal background checks. Only criminals should object to those. Hunters, many of whom belong to the NRA, favor some controls on guns and ammunition.

Law enforcement members are opposed to guns in bars; businesses and factories, such as VW, are against guns in their parking lots; teachers are opposed to being armed. Our representatives do not listen to the people they represent. They make the jobs of our public servants more dangerous. If the greatest American sniper, when armed, cannot protect himself, why would anyone think the average person could fare better?

It is time for Congress, the legislature, and the Free Press editorial page to listen to the vast majority of its citizens.


Walker will be missed at John Ross House

It caught me quite by surprise this morning when I read in the obituaries that my friend Dot Walker had passed away. Seeing that there is no visitation, I believe it only fitting to give Dot the thanks she so greatly deserved for the extra special care she took of the Chief John Ross House and surrounding grounds, and for her dedication toward caring for wildlife.

Dot was not one to sit idly by a problem and wait on someone else to fix it. She was a person of few words and did not mince her true emotions. Her objectives were always to help preserve and protect something she was proud to be a part of -- the house and grounds.

While most people choose to ignore a problem, or just didn't want to get involved, Dot would just jump in and get it done.

Many times over the years she would call and tell me a problem had been solved, and I and the John Ross Board were so appreciative.

Dot Walker will be truly missed by me and the board for the tireless work she did. I can't think of anyone who could even come close to taking her place. Thank you, Dot.