'McCullough offers dedicated leadership for District 1' and more letters to the editors

'McCullough offers dedicated leadership for District 1' and more letters to the editors

February 27th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

McCullough offers dedicated leadership for District 1

As a resident of District 1, I encourage you to vote for Tom McCullough for Chattanooga City Council on March 5. Tom is worthy of your vote, and you will become recipients of his knowledge, loyalty, respect and commitment.

I knew Tom as a youth participant in his family's chosen church in Red Bank. I followed the results of his continued education to fulfill his desire to become an educator himself, and to lead the youth of our city to become educated and respected citizens. Throughout his years in the education field, I have continued to be aware of his outstanding leadership and the responsibilities he has committed his time and energy toward. I am again able to watch him, as a retired educator, accept the role of Christian leadership in a downtown church where we are both members.

It is now my pleasure to endorse Tom McCullough for City Council. As for me and my household, there will be three voters (my husband, grandson and myself) who look forward to his dedicated leadership in the field of good government for the people in District 1 and our wonderful city!


Murphy is a good advocate for residents of District 9

Peter Murphy has proven himself a true advocate for the residents of District 9 during his very productive first City Council term. The Glass Street Build a Better Block event was one more instance in which Councilman Murphy has had a positive influence in an area that was forgotten for so many years.

He is always quick to volunteer for tasks that improve the quality of life for citizens, from ridding the neighborhood of old tires to backing projects that benefit District 9, as well as our city as a whole. Vote for Councilman Murphy so he may continue to represent District 9 on the City Council.


Henderson has best interest for District 1 residents

I have known Chip Henderson for many years, and I can assure you he is an outstanding person as well as a good citizen of Chattanooga. Chip is a very intelligent man, and a caring person who has the overall best interest of people in his heart. Chip would certainly be an asset for City Council, District 1.

Chip has proven himself to be a driven, successful, hard worker and a man who is extremely dedicated to his family and faith. As a resident of District 1, I would be honored to have Chip Henderson as my City Council representative.


Mitchell is best choice to serve District 2

Jerry Mitchell is the right choice for City Council District 2. Jerry has a decades-long track record of success and achievement in both private enterprise and public service.

In his 30s, Jerry worked for a Chattanooga company that designed multimedia vocational training systems. He marketed these products nationally and internationally, traveling overseas to more than 30 countries. In his 40s, he served our community as director of the Parks and Recreation Department in the administrations of Mayors Jon Kinsey and Bob Corker. His focus then, as it will be on City Council, was the quality of life of Chattanoogans. In his 50s he returned to business, taking a lead role in expanding a local company's retail stores within Tennessee and into surrounding states.

I also have known Jerry Mitchell as a personal friend. We grew up together in District 2, where Jerry has resided for most of his adult life. He has earned a reputation as a principled and practical person, who succeeds through his common sense, foresight and strong work ethic. I believe that Jerry can best serve the people of District 2 and our city, because of his character and the breadth of his experience in business and government. I cannot think of a person better suited for election to the Chattanooga City Council.


Berke is focused on renewing our community and city hall

Though I have been an active volunteer in the community for many years, I am new to the political scene. I always have voted but have never had a sign in my yard, or volunteered at campaign events. That all changed for me this summer. I volunteered at an event for Andy Berke. Andy spoke of renewing our city. He spoke of the early influence of his grandfather and his desire to help people. This man touched my heart in such a way that I cannot be quiet about it.

Rather than make empty promises that are so typical in elections, what drives Andy is a desire to have a conversation. How do we create positive change in our community and our government? The Berke campaign has taken a very different approach. It has taken many by surprise. Volunteers are out every weekend going door to door. Events are being held in all types of venues, seeking to engage citizens in their community.

Local elections are important. Please join me in supporting and voting for Andy Berke for Mayor. Let's start a conversation that will renew our community and our City Hall.


Henderson is a caring conservative for District 1

Four candidates seek office for City Council District 1, Chip Henderson, Jim Folkner, Pat Hagan and Tom McCullough. Offering oneself for personal inspection is difficult. We owe them all for their willingness to serve and share their convictions.

Chip Henderson is smart. He has common sense and a long record of thoughtful decisions. He is a businessman, not afraid of hard work and experienced in stretching dollars. He knows duplication leads to waste and understands the dark side of high public debt. Knowing when not to spend is a rare government skill because there are endless projects and programs seeking tax dollars.

Though he can say "no," he also understands the importance of saying "yes" to important work. To his credit, Mr. Henderson has excelled in the three areas of life that matter most. He's shown a long commitment to God, family and his community. He is a caring conservative with years of volunteer service in his church and coaching school athletic programs. He mentors urban youth groups. All of us moan about lost children, but how many of us go past the moaning stage?

After considering all candidates, I am endorsing Mr. Henderson as the best person to represent District 1 on March 5.

DEBORAH SCOTT, City Council, Representative, District 1

Knocking Berke's family property is a cheap shot

In a last ditch effort Andy Berke's opponents, who have no programs or zero plans they can articulate, have gone on the attack. Andy Berke has proven himself as a fine representative in the state Senate. He will be our next mayor. Those who have nothing of substance to offer are attacking him with unsubstansive and ludicrous accusations.

Desperation. Properties owned by relatives? In downtrodden areas? This has nothing to do with Mr. Berke. And as I understand it, his kinfolk have taken measures to improve said properties, including security. It's market driven. Do you expect them to build a Trump Tower and have a concierge at the door at the same price?

The problem is of a social nature and is prevalent all around the country. Family. Fathers. Community outreach. To suggest Mr. Berke's kinfolk would profit from him being our next mayor borders on insanity. He's not looking to profit. He's looking for Chattanooga to prosper-- to renew. He doesn't need a blind trust to do that. He doesn't own Haliburton. Pointing to Berke's family property is desperation and cheap shots.


Mitchell's vision aligns with District 2's needs

Jerry Mitchell is my choice to represent District 2 on the Chattanooga City Council.

I know Jerry to be dedicated to our city and its future. I know, too, that he has the vision to recognize our many needs in public safety and in public education. He will work tirelessly to improve our city with cost-efficient management that is open and responsive.

Jerry's experience in business and in the prior administrations of Jon Kinsey and Bob Corker will serve him and, more importantly, the citizens of Chattanooga well.

Please join me in voting for Jerry Mitchell.


Anderson an honest candidate for District 7

The Times and the Free Press got it right when they endorsed Chris Anderson for the Chattanooga Council District 7 race. Mr. Anderson is passionate about representing citizens in his district and helping Chattanooga reach its full potential for creating new jobs while improving public service.

He will work to make city government more transparent and accountable. I support Chris Anderson because he is an honest, hard-working young man with a personal stake in Chattanooga's future leadership on the City Council, something District 7 has not not seen for the past eight years.

For the past eight years District 7 has had nothing but a rubber-stamp for the mayor's office, and residents deserve better. It is time for a change, and I urge you to join me in electing Chris Anderson to the Chattanooga City Council.


Candidate Tomisek knows where reform is needed

When the citizens of District 4 select a City Council member, it needs to be Tom Tomisek. Tom has lived here, worked here, created jobs here and served Chattanooga in many organizations for decades. Tom is not running out of boredom, but to truly represent his district and all of Chattanooga.

Tom has been an entrepreneur creating many jobs at TNT Auto Parts. After he sold that business he developed laundry establishments, which he owns and operates to this day. Tom has experienced local government, paid his taxes and knows where reform is needed.

Tom was an active member and an officer of the Citizens Taxpayer Association which tells you about his attitude toward taxes and government spending. District 4 needs a true conservative on the Chattanooga City Council. Vote for Tom Tomisek


Re-electing Ladd is smart choice for District 3

I believe Pam Ladd should be re-elected. There will be a new mayor in office, and he will have to work with a newly elected council. Two seats are being vacated by council members who have chosen not to run again, so these seats will be occupied by people who have not served as council members before.

City management is a complex business. The mayor is the administrator, with power to make certain decisions, appoint people to non-elective positions and to propose the budget for the city. The council acts much like Congress and chooses to support, change or vote against these items. Council meetings are public and may be attended by anyone. Minutes are available online for voting history. The council is like the legislative branch and must vote on policy and budgets. It must comply with state or federal unfunded mandates -- policies that are dictated by a higher level of government but not paid for by them, but by local revenues.

New council members are inevitable and necessary. But experienced, qualified and cooperative members are essential. Her judgment is sound, fact-based and carefully researched. Please vote for Pam Ladd to represent District 3 in this election.


Murphy's servant leadership is an asset to District 9

Friends and neighbors of District 9, I urge you to please get out and vote on Tuesday, March 5. I would also strongly suggest you cast your ballot for our current council member, Peter Murphy.

Peter's dedication to neighborhoods taking charge of their own future began long before he was our councilman. He's never asked anyone else to do anything he wasn't willing to do himself. This kind of servant leadership is rare, and if people don't come out and vote in this council election, we could lose the best council member to serve our neighborhood.

Peter was endorsed by both the Chattanooga Times and the Chattanooga Free Press; that in itself should tell you something.

If both newspaper editorial endorsements aren't enough, how about the Fraternal Order of Police and International Brotherhood of Police Officers?

As a resident and local business owner, I have worked with Peter on several issues and watched him in action during council meetings and can honestly say there is no one better to represent us.

Please vote March 5 to keep Peter Murphy on the council and keep moving our district and city forward.


Tuder is an experienced and honest candidate

I urge District 2 voters to vote for Roger Tuder for City Council. Roger understands the issues confronting Chattanooga -- economic development and quality of life issues, among others. He is a native Chattanoogan and has worked in banking and construction.

Currently, he heads the Associated General Contractors of East Tennessee. He understands planning, budgeting, operations and personnel matters. He is a proven manager. Plus, he has solid experience, and he knows how to get the most out of a dollar.

Finally, Roger listens! He will welcome your thoughts and ideas and will work hard to make Chattanooga a better place to live and to work! I have known him for 20 years and know him to be an honest, competent and sincere person.

DR. RON COX, Signal Mountain

Simmons isn't about politics as usual

Priscilla Simmons is running for City Council District 2. She is a wonderfully fresh example of a nonpolitical candidate with a deep understanding of city government resulting from 38 years' service with the city, working and earning management positions in the finance department.

Mrs. Simmons will not waste time learning the intricacies of how this city works. She will be a tremendous asset for families of the second district and for Chattanooga. Please visit her website, www.electpriscillasimmons.com, invite her to your neighborhood meetings or attend candidate meetings and decide for yourself. Get to know her, and you will realize that she is a person who will make the best decisions for our city by supporting businesses, development, jobs, security, education, health, recreation, tourism and neighborhoods based on data and honesty, not politics as usual.


Grohn's local inexperience not enough; vote for Tomisek

Before voting for Larry Grohn, consider these points: 1. He has only resided in the Chattanooga area for less than five years. What makes him knowledgeable about this area's needs? 2. He is being backed by the uncompromising tea party not locally, which he'll be beholding to. 3. He never has run a business as an owner. What management credentials does he have? 4. Because he sits in all the City Council meetings, does that make him qualified? 5. Does he possess any negotiating skills, since he has never been in management or been an owner of a business? What real qualifications does Larry Grohn have?

District 4 residents should vote for someone who has resided in the Chattanooga area for years and who is the candidate to best represent the needs of District 4.

Vote Tom Tomisek because he is a independent thinker and conservative. Tom's honest, knows the Chattanooga area and District 4 problems, and importantly a business owner who knows how to negotiate and run a balanced budget.