Article on Brown shows a giant and other letters to the editors

Article on Brown shows a giant and other letters to the editors

January 4th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Article on Brown shows a giant

Kudos, kudos! To Pam Sohn and Yolanda Putman for the detailed article (Dec. 30) on Tommie Brown, Ph.D. A real leader and giant in Tennessee's social work history.


Issue is obtaining guns at shows

In response to your editorial (Dec. 19), I have an issue about being able to walk into a gun show and obtaining a handgun. I bought a .357 magnum revolver in 2003 at a gun show in Chattanooga and had to wait at least a week before the seller turned the weapon over to me. I'm assuming that a background check was done during this time even though I had a concealed carry weapon permit. In order to get a gun carry permit a person has to pass a background check.

The only time I have purchased a handgun at a gun show and walked away with it was when I lived in Arizona in the 1990s.


Editor's Note: Transactions between private sellers and buyers at gun shows in Tennessee and many other states do not require background checks.

Get satisfaction by donating blood

Over the years I have been lax in rendering help to those in need of assistance. I've rarely answered the call for performing good deeds for others. I shall strive to be more productive.

In one realm I've made an exception. A few days ago I received a certificate from Blood Assurance indicating that I've donated 50 gallons to them since their founding in 1972.

This effort has been very satisfying and uplifting to me. The process of donating blood products is safe, simple and reasonable un-time consuming.

Please join me; donate!


Make plastic bottles a cottage business

I think it's time to let our state legislators know how we feel about the bottle bill. No, not the wine bottle bill that everyone's talking about. The other bottle bill. The one that puts a bounty on those pesky plastic bottles that have now accumulated in the Pacific Ocean to an island half the size of Tennessee. Let's not contribute any more to that environmental disaster. It's great for business too. People will collect them for the deposit and turn them in at privately owned recycling stations that process them for a profit. This lets the retailers off the hook and helps the environment too.

Send an email to your state rep and state senator telling them that we want a clean state, no plastic bottles in our landfills and a new cottage industry in Tennessee!

DAVID CLARK, Tullahoma, Tenn.