Cheating players won't be in Hall and other letters to the editors

Cheating players won't be in Hall and other letters to the editors

January 12th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Cheating players won't be in Hall

I am writing regarding Drew Johnson's statement that "The federal government is responsible for ruining the Baseball Hall of Fame."

Mr. Johnson, the players you listed were prosecuted because they broke the law and will not be voted into the Hall of Fame because they cheated. There is no federal government conspiracy -- so take off your tin-foil hat, ask the doctor to increase your dosage, and next time have an adult read your work before it is published.


Keep guns and bad guys out of schools

I am adamantly opposed to the current bill that would allow (really, encourage) teachers to carry guns in their schools.

I am convinced that securing school doors is a better, smarter, less risky option for our children. Securing the doors eliminates the risk that a gun on school property falls into the wrong hands, makes schools more secure and keeps the bad guys out. Schools across our state do not have secure doors like most day-care facilities do.

Guns-in-schools legislation is dangerous and risky, and no one knows yet what the consequences of it will be. Our legislature should give each school the funds to secure their doors rather than arm teachers (whose job is to teach, not provide security) or post armed guards. Each of these options brings guns into our schools ... when what we really want is to get guns out of our schools.

Real life is not like in the movies -- even a teacher trained to use a gun doesn't fire one perfect shot and take out the bad guy. If schools can keep the bad guys out, no one "needs" a gun inside.


Benson deserves a fourth term

I support Councilman Jack Benson for re-election to the Chattanooga City Council.

Councilman Benson has been indefatigable in his representation of his constituents in District 4 for the past 12 years. He is easily accessible to his constituents; he keeps regular office hours, even though the position is classified as "parttime;" he returns telephone calls promptly and is available to speak to concerned groups of citizens in his district. He has missed only one regular meeting of the council during his three terms in office.

His well-designed growth plan for East Brainerd has intelligently regulated the influx of businesses and ameliorated potential traffic problems.

Jack Benson has earned a fourth term. Please vote for him on March 5.


We've already blamed Bush

I just had a great idea. Why don't we just blame George Bush for everything that is going on. Oops! Sorry, I just remembered that's already been done.