Austerity, guns push is befuddling many and other letters to the editors

Austerity, guns push is befuddling many and other letters to the editors

January 14th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Austerity, guns push is befuddling many

The fiscal austerity push is puzzling. Historically, austerity concentrates greater wealth in the hands of a few, who are currently using clever rhetoric equating the federal budget to personal household management. We must balance our budgets; therefore, the government must do the same. Yet, half of our household budget does not support a bloated military complex. Nor do our budgets subsidize the fossil fuel industries, or bail out banks considered "too big to fail."

Concurrent with the fiscal austerity cacophony are table-pounding shouts about our Second-Amendment rights including a perpetual boogey man, who, if you let him, will take your guns, leaving you unable to defend yourself.

The snake-oil combination of austerity and guns works well. Many are befuddled, equating personal power to guns, austerity to common sense. Like abused children, many believe the "parent" even as they witness the mass murder of children. Even when their living-wage jobs have been outsourced, earning power diminished, basic human needs ignored. Scared, many bow their heads when the "parent" yells that they do not deserve Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

But some are beginning to understand. The abusive "parent" is psychotic, married to greed, and she/he has Koch brothers on speed dial.

KAREN LEE, Dunlap, Tenn.

Armed teachers can be helpful

Contrary to your recent editorial, the idea of armed teachers is not totally without merit. In the past, teachers in Israel were armed and trained to protect their students. Today all Israeli schools are required to have armed security and take other measures to protect students, but some teachers still receive extensive training and are armed.

As an educator, there are many teachers I know who would not be able to use a firearm effectively to stop an armed threat. There are a number of us, however, who have extensive firearms training or are former military or law enforcement officers. With proper LEO training, these individuals could be very effective in a school-shooter situation and offer a viable option for "cash-strapped" county governments that cannot afford to provide more SROs to schools.

Yes, as you stated in your editorial, I would rather shepherd my students to safety, but I am perfectly willing, and able, to protect my students from violence if I am allowed to.