Federal help still necessary and other letters to the editors

Federal help still necessary and other letters to the editors

January 25th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Federal help still necessary

As one of the 47 percent of U.S. citizens who Mitt Romney refers to as takers, I am grateful that President Obama fights to preserve a healthy "safety net."

As long as the economy sputters and the employment situation remains mediocre, federal money assistance and unprecedented levels of food stamp recipients will be a necessary reality.

The Republican "pull-yourselves-up-by-the-bootstraps" message along with the "possibility-thinking" religious hucksters will do little to help the overwhelming majority of those in need.


Look to others for solutions

It's been over six weeks since the massacre at Sandy Hook. There have been many "solutions" proposed to stop the mayhem: gun control, armed school guards and even armed teachers. Locks on entrance doors were suggested, (although not approved by fire officials). I'm surprised no one has thought to look at how some countries have minimal -- though not eliminated altogether -- shootings in their society. Sounds like a good place for us to learn something.

On a recent bike trip to Austria, I was impressed to see (1) no litter on the streets, (2) no graffiti, and when I asked about it, (3) very little crime. As for guns -- which is the choice of most U.S. murderers -- they were essentially non-existant!

Could America form similar legislation to rid us of the evil associated with firearms? Of course not. We are a country where the tail wags the dog. The NRA and gun manufacturers lobby our dubious Congress, which falls in lock-step with their wishes.

The criminal element will always have access to guns because we allow guns in our country. What a pity.


Avoid Fox to enjoy positive thoughts

On Monday's beautiful, historical day, as I reflected on the advantages and joys of living in our America, I had my television on various stations following the inaugural activities.

Everywhere I turned, there was pleasant conversation and positive commentary until I landed on Fox News.

As usual, there was negativity and distorted comments about the day's proceedings and, of course, the president's speech. Plus, the usual mention of President Reagan.

How long has he been out of office? I like to channel surf the news stations in hopes of getting every angle, so I know what to expect from Fox in regards to political reporting, but seems like the bitterness and twisted rhetoric has escalated to a new high.

It must be very sad for those who watch this station on a regular basis and carry all the hate and unhappiness that is spewed from its airwaves.

Whatever is left of our fathers' and grandfathers' GOP is being slowly replaced with mean, bitter ideas and influences, and it's hurting our country and our souls. Change the channel, open the drapes and enjoy some positive thoughts.