'Hard lefts put Obama on track' and more letters to the editors

'Hard lefts put Obama on track' and more letters to the editors

January 27th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Hard lefts put Obama on track

I was surprised to see that during the inaugural address Monday that President Obama has shown his true colors to be a NASCAR fan! I know that is shocking to many, but it is true. Stay with me here. The president may even secretly harbor a desire to be a NASCAR driver -- based on those four hard left turns he made during the address, he'd be a shoe-in at Talladega. Here's how the race call might go.

Heading into turn one passing Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, a hard left on gun control. Accelerating into turn two, another left on gay marriage. Next he's passing LBJ and FDR going into turn three, for expanded social programs. Now the president is heading into the final left turn by blowing past all of Europe with new cap-and-trade proposals.

There is little doubt the blue states will love Obama's new left, oh sorry, "progressive" turns. The red states will loath them. I don't think anyone can doubt the facts that this is Obama 2.0 and it is not your father's Oldsmobile. Watch out, Jimmie Johnson, there may be a president passing you on your progressive side, I mean left side.


Rocky Face, Ga.

Tea party needs to fire the RINOs

"For what I fear comes upon me," from the book of Job.

Many months ago, a tea party vote was taken on the question whether to endorse a political candidate. A majority voted not to endorse.

However, too many groups have become enamored with favorite sons, who courted the wave of support by becoming a frequent face at meetings. Now that the election cycle is over, tea parties are taking a rest before the next onslaught of candidates shows up. Political "wannabes" will play their part in wooing the tea party goers into thinking they are sincere patriots. Face it, folks, they're politicians!

If the Republicans, or Democrats, were worth their salt, the tea party could take a break and offer suggestions to their representatives steering our nation back to a constitutional republic in place of racing toward socialism. The main problem I see is the tea party has been usurped by a good ol' boys network of the Republican Party and held captive in order to keep them from interfering with how politics work. The tea party needs to take back the tea party and fire the RINOs.


Tunnel Hill, Ga.

We're likely to keep on killing

History establishes that we enjoy killing each other, perhaps second only to procreating. We've been doing both for a long, long time. We don't need an AK 47. We'll do it with whatever is immediately available.

I submit that neither our Congress by legislative act nor our courts by judicial mandate can alter our genetic drives. Like it or not, it seems reasonably predictable that we are going to keep on killing one another. It makes little sense to waste time attempting to legislatively restrict our choices as to how we choose to do it.

But Congress does have the power to do something about our looming national catastrophe. Figuratively speaking, we're like a hungover drunk who has sobered up to realize that he has current bills to pay, a family to feed, children to educate, elderly parents with minimal saving and whose own retirement is grossly underfunded.

Why do our representatives continue to waste time squabbling about who will pay what percent on dollars that, absent their action, may soon be worthless.


Some suggestions to help homeless

I was on the streets for 14 months, so I speak from experience.

Extreme cold and heat are miserable when homeless. Rain anytime is a disaster; keeping your belongings dry is very difficult. I did fairly well as somehow I acquired those big heavy-duty black bags.

This suggestion is primarily directed to churches and others that donate individually. Giving heavy-duty black bags in bulk to any organization most likely wouldn't work. When possible, giving one to each individual would help. Also, telling people to form a line is suggested. Homeless typically could care less about each other. Consequently, they hoard.

The next thing is don't give money to panhandlers. Locally the Community Kitchen and clinic there are available to help. They sure helped me. So did the Rescue Mission.

Finally, there is a myth that all homeless are drunks and druggies. Though many are, untreated mental illness is another huge issue. Schizophrenia is not uncommon. Domestic abuse of women is another.

Thanks to all the people who helped save my life.


Benson's expertise good for District 4

Jack Benson has been a blessing for all of the citizens of District 4. Since he took office in 2001, his knowledge and expertise have led District 4 into a brighter future.

Look at the growth in District 4. Not only has the district grown, it has grown within the boundaries of a land-use plan. This allows for smart growth, something that Jack Benson has been for since his first day in office. The use of such a land-use plan avoids the sprawl and value degradation that all homeowners and citizens wish to avoid.

Second, District 4 has the lowest crime rates out of all the districts in the city. This is due to Jack Benson's focus not only on crime suppression, but crime prevention through the education of our children and by providing recreational opportunities for the communities to become closer to one another.

Third and finally, Jack Benson has worked every day he could for the city of Chattanooga. In my memory, Jack Benson has not missed a single City Council meeting. That shows a level of dedication that could only come from someone absolutely devoted to the city and its residents.

For me, a resident of District 4 for 49 years, I plan to back Jack. Jack Benson is the only real candidate for District 4. I will be voting for him this election, and I hope all of my neighbors will also.


Simmons' heart is with people

The controversy over Chattanooga Village development causes us to review the priorities of our City Council members. Are they aligned with developers' interests or committed to maintaining the integrity of neighborhoods? One reason we support Priscilla Simmons for District 2 City Council representative is that we know her heart is on the side of neighborhoods.

In her 38 years of work for the city, she demonstrated balanced judgment and leadership. Her family life reflects her commitment to the home she has lived in for 31 years and the neighbors she has loved.

We urge our neighbors in District 2 to elect Priscilla Simmons, a good mother, neighbor, church member and retired city accounting manager who understands how our city government works and deeply cares about the people affected by the decisions of its council.


'Accomplishments' from first term

Now that President Obama is beginning his second term, its time to reflect on several huge accomplishments of his first term.

Much higher federal debt. We've gone from $10 trillion to over $16 trillion. That's a 60 percent increase. The debt share for a family of four is over $220,000. And debt continues to grow over $1 trillion each year.

Many more entitlements include extending unemployment benefits (now two years and soon longer), disability claims skyrocketing as unemployment benefits run out; taxpayers' money to failed companies; Obamacare (13,000 pages so far); food stamps (increased from 30 million to 47 million people); cash for clunkers etc. Entitlements are the largest drain on our economy and are increasing daily.

Many new laws, regulations and executive orders. Just last year they pumped out over 77,000 of them. Each regulation means less freedom for Americans.

Politicians' solution for one dysfunctional government is compromise. They have been compromising for over 200 years, and look where we are.

Most politicians have four goals: power, massive overspending of taxpayers' money, greed and getting re-elected. Our country's rebirth is simple. Elect politicians who are truly public servants.