'Sheriff's spending betrays trust' and more letters to the editors

'Sheriff's spending betrays trust' and more letters to the editors

January 30th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Sheriff's spending betrays trust

The Sunday, Jan. 27, article about former Dade County Sheriff Patrick Cannon spending $3,644 of the county's money on "uniforms" for himself - despite the fact he had just lost his re-election bid and had only 11 weeks of "service" to complete - is a perfect example why a significant percentage of voters are so fed up with politicians/public "servants" who gain the public's trust then betray that trust for their personal gain.

Legality is sometimes a loophole for unethical behavior. Elected officials should know the difference and conduct the public's business to benefit the public.


Tuder won't be political puppet

Until five years ago, we lived in Chattanooga City Council District 2. After raising our family in the North Glen neighborhood in Hixson we moved into the county for reasons that included cost savings.

When Hixson was annexed into Chattanooga in the 1970s, there were grand promises of services. We received a tremendous tax burden with little to no services to match.

In staying in touch with our great friends in both of these neighborhoods, we want to offer a word to those who want their area represented on the City Council with integrity. Vote for Roger Tuder. We know Roger to be a friend of the community and not a rubber-stamp politician.

Now a word of caution. The last thing needed is a Crutchfield-backed puppet who talks about his career in city government and just picked up Mai Bell Hurley's endorsement. The Hixson area has done well for many years without the Crutchfield influence, and going backward is not the direction needed.

District 2 voters, you really have one choice that won't be a political puppet. Vote for Roger Tuder.


Tyranny of majority snuffing out liberty

Both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address will occur in the next few weeks. This is an ironic juxtaposition of events. One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to an insignificant creature of little intelligence for prognostication. The other involves a groundhog. Both, of equal importance.

However, 2013 will be significant in that: Obama's ultimate goal of replacing America's foundational economic and social tenets with a broad-based socialist one, headed by progressive Marxists like himself, is actually within reach, and his agenda is rolling full speed ahead.

Disgustingly one-third of eligible voters didn't even vote. This alone was enough to give Mr. Obama his overwhelming majority of 51 percent. Americans have become too apathetic to know or care when freedom and liberty are at stake.

America has capitulated to the nanny state voters, breaking faith with all past generations who gave her birth and defended her for over two centuries. The flame of liberty has been extinguished by the "tyranny of the majority," which the Founding Fathers feared.

GARY SMITH, Flintstone, Ga.

Tittle's behavior shows character

In response to the article in the Jan. 20 edition regarding retiring Hamilton County's chief of emergency management Bill Tittle, I would like to add a few remarks to support your observations.

Bill, sometimes with his friends and co-workers, sometimes with his lovely wife Dianne, patronized Piccadilly Cafeteria at Northgate Mall for all of the 12 years I worked there. He was always gracious, friendly and approachable. On my last day of work before the restaurant closed it's doors after 40 years, I could see the emotion on his face as he handed me an extraordinary tip and wished me well.

His concern for my well-being was reinforced roughly a week later when he called, asked how I was doing, and told me if there was anything he could do to help me in the future, be sure to let him know.

For a man with so many responsibilities to reach out like that speaks volumes about his character. The world would be so much better with more people like him.

So Bill, here's to you! I pray you enjoy your retirement and sincerely hope the rest of your life is as rich and rewarding as you have strived so diligently to make the lives of others.


Items in article are inaccurate

We would like to address some misrepresentations and inaccuracies that appeared in a Jan. 26 article.

First: Our board meeting was in executive session, and closing it to the press under those conditions violates none of the Hamilton County Democratic Party bylaws under which we operate. After consulting with legal experts and a member of the Democratic National Committee, we have been advised that, technically, while we should have formally adjourned the board meeting and resumed as an executive session, in effect that is what was done. Future meetings will be clearly announced as either open board meetings or executive strategy sessions, which will be closed to all press.

Second: Mr. Moses Freeman did not pay the HCDP for "advertising space." The HCDP is renting its headquarters premises month-to-month and does not have a lease. Mr. Freeman is subletting the space from the building's owner during his campaign for City Council and naturally has posted signs for his campaign. This does not constitute an endorsement by the Hamilton County Democratic Party. All Democratic candidates could and did post signs during the 2012 state and national campaigns.

To reinforce this impartiality, no official HCDP meetings will be held in this space until after the March 5 election.

Finally: As the Times Free Press's motto, which runs every day on the paper's masthead, reads "To Give The News Impartially, Without Fear Or Favor," we look forward to front-page coverage of the next Hamilton County Republican Party's executive board session, which we have every confidence is always open to both press and public.

PAUL SMITH, Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman

STEPHEN HARPER, Hamilton County Democratic Party Treasurer