VW workers are just fine without a union and other letters to the editors

VW workers are just fine without a union and other letters to the editors

July 4th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

VW workers are just fine without a union

VW Group deputy council chief Stephan Wolf's threat of no expansion in Chattanooga unless there is a works council, i.e. labor union, in place is so typical of the way unions operate. They a hammer to get what they want. He must feel the UAW is not making much progress in its current efforts to sway VW workers, so he wants to drop the hammer. I grew up in Detroit in the 1940s and '50s, watching unions extort concessions from the auto industry, often by using violence. Check the history books if you think I'm blowing smoke.

I don't see how any worker at the VW facility could possibly imagine that a union can negotiate a better deal than they already have. Unfortunately, there will always be those driven by the greedy prospect of a better life prompted by a union organizer's empty promises.

I hope they don't overlook the fact that the better life, if it ever comes, will carry with it the cost of ever increasing union dues that pay the fat cat salaries at the UAW headquarters. Hopefully, clearer heads will prevail when it comes time for workers to vote on the issue.

STEVE BERNTHAL, Blairsville, Georgia

Evolutionists also must walk by faith

If the letter "Evolution theory not an educated guess" was intended to suggest faulty education, Darwin was no dummy. He saw minor changes which can be observed within species and raised the possibility that an original creature, which somehow "evolved" in a creatureless world. It not only modified its own characteristics but produced, over time, a totally different creature.

The process would involve "creation" of on-the-way critters that were not yet able to live successfully in their current stage of transformation, yet live long enough to produce a new, still insufficiently improved model, again and again until a survivable creature was "evolved" and, repeated until a world of successful creatures was finally achieved.

Darwin himself realized that if his speculation was correct, the earth must be filled with the bodies of "in-process" failed transitional semicreatures that would confirm his suspicious. He is reported to have written that failure to find such evidence would disprove his speculation. However, after more than 100 years of hopeful searching, not one identifiable "between" creature ever has been discovered.

Which raises the specter of evolutionists doing a Christian thing; they also walk by faith, not by sight.


United States needs to make a change

This country needs to wake up to what we have become. Before you put out your banners, flags and fireworks, look at what we have:

A demoralized military that lost the war in Vietnam, Iraq and soon Afghanistan with untold suicides from stress and attrition.

A nation, with $17 trillion in debt and fixing to go much higher with a government and a people who do not seem to care at all.

A country that has corruption at every turn.

A highly sexualized society reeking of lust from the pulpit to the talk shows on TV.

A country that glorifies violence, not with just guns, but attitudes, sensationalism and depiction.

A people who cannot drive down a street without looking like they want to bite each others heads off.

A time when all the people of this so-called great nation stretch to grab onto more money, materials, fame of ego and sexual self-indulgence with a Christian church that couldn't really care less.