Churches' decision on scout troops is wrong and other letter to the editors

Churches' decision on scout troops is wrong and other letter to the editors

July 5th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Churches' decision on scout troops is wrong

I recently read in your paper that two churches in the Chattanooga area are dropping sponsorship of a Boy Scout troop because of the homosexual decision in churches.

However, I was a Scout in a Scouting family. Both my grandfather and uncle were presented the Silver Beaver award for excellence in Scouting and were troop leaders. My mother was a Girl Scout troop leader for 10 years.

How many boys will miss the Boy Scout experience with these troops being discontinued? Jesus said, "Love God and love your neighbor as yourself." I hope that these troops will pick up a new sponsorship.


Supreme Court's ruling is frightening

I believe the Supreme Court's action in (effectively) striking down the Voting Rights Act of 1965 may come to be seen as the Dred Scott decision of the 21st century.

I tremble for my country at the willingness of conservative justices to act in such an un-American way. It is clear that the Supreme Court has become an integral part of the Republican Party's strategy to maintain their political power.


Deen not as offensive as companies think

If Mark Twain had been asked if he had ever used the "N" word, he could have said, "Yes, in my most famous book, 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.'"

Those who have read "Huckleberry Finn" on the surface might judge the book as racist because it uses the "N" word. Those who read it carefully will find it to be one of the most anti-racist books ever published.

When Paula Deen was asked if she had ever used the "N" word, she said yes. Because of her answer, a few might think she is racist. But the majority of Americans who consider the context of her usage and analyze her attitude toward black people and her relationships with them, do not feel she is racist.

Companies such as Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, the Food Network and others who have cut ties with Deen have been too fast to do so. From the interviews I have seen on TV, it seems most Americans -- black, white, brown, yellow and red -- have come to the defense of Deen.

The companies, such as Macy's and Sears, that have not severed ties with Deen are to be commended. They are evaluating the situation before they act. What if a poll would reveal that 80 or 90 percent of Americans are less offended by Deen than the companies that have dropped her.

Evidently, those who buy books have not dropped her. Her cookbooks now are selling better than ever.


Police video is sickening to watch

To Capt. Susan Blaine: If police officers had "no intention to injure" a suspect they were taking into custody (June 27), why 44 whacks with a metal baton, tasing, choking, pounding with fists by big burly officers? It was sickening to view the video.

You go, Chief Bobby Dodd!!!

JOAN TRANTHAM, Whitwell, Tenn.