City's clucking about chickens is ridiculous and other letters to the editors

City's clucking about chickens is ridiculous and other letters to the editors

July 11th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

City's clucking about chickens is ridiculous

Seriously? Imagine the tourists who come to River City buying a newspaper to see what's going on in our beautiful town.

Chickens. Debates about chickens. Lot of folks clucking about chickens. With all the violence and gang problems we now are inundated with, chickens seem to be pecking their way to the forefront of issues. The City Council has spent its time weighing in on chickens. I hope the neighbors of the Council members who voted yes get a lot of chickens.

I can't help but think of Dog Patch and Lil Abner. To make it worse, this thing is being seriously debated, with rules and regulations being argued. 25 feet? Neighbors approval? My Uncle Mutt had chickens. He lived in the county and had a big farm. He kept his chickens in a coop, way back on the property, because the chickens emitted foul odors.

The solution seems simple: If you want eggs go to Bi-Lo and purchase some. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool chicken lover, then get one. One. If you want to raise chickens, you should have at least 1.5 acres, no more than 10 chickens and they should be free-range. Free range chickens don't stink. Build a subfence 25 feet from your property line to contain your poultry.

I like goats. They are cuter than chickens and will help with the lawn work. I asked my neighbors, and they have no objection. Can I keep a couple of goats in the city?


The left is ripping our country apart

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the Holy Trinity of the Christian faith which formed the principles of our country's birth. Our founders understood that our nation had to be grounded in the teachings of Christ and morality.

These principles are under constant assault by the contrarians to tradition on the left. Witness the news of just the past few weeks to prove this point. The federal government and the state of California controlled by radical leftists refused to defend DOMA and Prop 8. The Boy Scouts caved to political correctness to allow openly gay Scouts in their troops and a Texas legislator is celebrated for defending the indefensible -- allowing abortions of viable babies after 26 weeks. Throw in the recent placement of an atheist bench next to a display of the Ten Commandments, and it becomes clear what the forces on the left are up to.

This unholy alliance supported by the liberal media will not be satisfied until they have ripped the fibers that bind our country together out by their roots. These forces must be met on the battlefield of ideas and exposed for what they are: destructive, divisive and disruptive.