Chattanooga State is example of short-sightedness, and more letters to the editors

Chattanooga State is example of short-sightedness, and more letters to the editors

July 17th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Chatt State is example of short-sightedness

I was appalled to read that staff at Chattanooga State not only removed, but allowed a flock of Canada geese to be killed because the flock was troublesome. Chattanooga State, situated along a local waterway, should be disgusted with its administrators and staff, who allowed this action.

Why do humans feel they are entitled to remove, extinguish, relocate or cull local wildlife that are attempting to seek out an existence among us, as we further reduce their habitat by our continued insensitive acts. What a shameful act against our local wildlife.

Some brilliant soul at your institution of higher education should have thought of a more acceptable remedy. Consider training a herding dog that could chase and secure Chattanooga State's venerable, open areas. Figure out a way to live in harmony with other species. Humans have proven again, by this action, to not be good stewards of this earth.

This short-sighted fix will revisit your institution. You don't think Canada geese will again find your open spaces as a place to rest, serve as refuge, raise their young and search out a meager food source? Jim Catanzaro and his staff cannot offer enough feeble apologies to the community. Shameful!


Haslam seems to have a conflict of interest

I am becoming more and more concerned about our state government.

Our governor gives a contract to a friend (known since he was involved with the family business, which the governor claims to no longer be involved with).

This contractor says get rid of government buildings, and then he gets a sole-source contract to lease office space to the state.

Not even debating the need to get rid of the buildings or the need for leased space, this process appears to imply that the governor has used his position to the personal benefit of himself and his friends.

If this is not a conflict of interest, at the very least it is an apparent conflict to anyone looking in from the outside.

ROGER THOMPSON, Tullahoma, Tenn.

Leave religion out of it

Again many letter writers come with the tedious statements about the left doing harm to this "Christian nation." The harm being done to this nation is by people of the churches who read what they want to in the Bible and neglect everything else.

The same could be said for the understanding of United States history. If you want to reference the Founding Fathers, please understand that they did not hold the same beliefs you do. You are looking at them through 2013 eyes. I need only point you to The Jefferson Bible. You'll find miracles, the resurrection and the supernatural missing from the text. I highly doubt you'd agree with him.

Also, take a look at the writings of Thomas Paine. By take a look, I mean actually sit down and critically read. Something few do with history, and even fewer do with the Bible.

The Founding Fathers knew the history of England and how religion causes bloodshed. They envisioned a country where people could worship if they chose, and not lose their lives if someone disagreed.

You worship your god, and if someone chooses not to, that's the person's decision. It is not yours.


EPB's TV service rate hike handled wrong

Customers of EPB TV services just had their bills go up this month. While this is not earth-shattering or unexpected, the way EPB management chose to notify their loyal customers is quite disappointing.

A letter from their CFO dated May 28 announced the increase but insinuated the pricing would remain unchanged if you subscribed to their tri-bundle package with the Internet and phone service.

I guess putting all your eggs in one basket does not always get rewarded, as no good deed goes unpunished. I guess the honeymoon now is officially over. In retrospect, maybe Comcast isn't that bad after all!