Killing of geese was not only option and other letters to the editors

Killing of geese was not only option and other letters to the editors

July 18th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Killing of geese was not only option

I know that killing of the (Chattanooga State) geese was because they were messy, but couldn't they have given them to soup kitchens for meat to feed the poor? It's a game bird that men shoot. Also, you can buy duck in butcher shops. I just think there was a better way.

Also about the chickens: Their waste has to be put somewhere. I had a farm for 25 years up North. We had rabbits, chickens and beef. We used their manure for our 75-acre fields. It does get smelly if not taken care of. They don't belong in the city. I wouldn't want to be a neighbor. But the new breeds are very pretty, and people don't know what you need to feed them to produce eggs. It's not hard to take care of chickens, but it has to be in the right place.


Local teen needs our community's help

On July 12, I viewed a report on the six o'clock evening news on WRCB-TV concerning the need to find a compatible bone marrow donor for 15-year-old North Georgia resident Cameron Scroggins.

I urge readers to come to Blood Assurance to donate blood. I am also requesting that donors allow themselves to be tested for bone marrow type.

Cameron must have suitable marrow in a timely manner to have a successful treatment. Even if a donor for this brave young man is not found in this area a local marrow volunteer would be found to match with someone elsewhere in this country.

Of course there would be wonderful news if one of the recent responders to the Cameron Scroggins recruitment drive is discovered to be the answer to prayers. is a course for more information.


TVA spending our money foolishly

Is it just me or does giving a TVA chief over a half-million dollars seem extreme? We, the TVA users, are payng for this. Did we get our money's worth? When these people are hired should there not be some restraint in the contract, or do they just say the people will just pay with higher power rates?

I wonder how much Joseph Grimes will make in two or three years when someone on the board has a friend who needs a job and pushes him out.

By the way, just what do these people on the board do beside giving out our money to get someone to leave?


Obama needs to spend money on U.S. military

While the soldiers who fight for our country come back wounded and have to be on welfare, their commander-in-chief took a vacation to Africa and invited all his friends. He spent over $1 million while there.

He has given 24 F-16's (fighter jets), 200 of our best battle tanks and $3.5 million in aid to Egypt.

Our boys need it worse. The president wants to rebuild Africa while our boys are coming back to nothing. American boys should wise up and stay at home and let him fight his own battles. Eventually we are going to have to fight China or any other country on our own soil because they know how weak we've become.


Those who dropped Deen will have regrets

I'm standing with Paula Deen, and one of these days, all who dropped her will wake from their respective stupors and truly regret what they've done. Why?

The Bible tells us that "he made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made," and "His mischief shall return upon his own head." (Psalm 7:15 and 16A).

So all those who got conned by a woman who called Deen a racist will suffer no sequences of wrong decisions and many choices. God honors His word. It is infallible.

It's easy to follow the crowd. In a psychology course this is termed a "mob." It's my hope that Deen soon finds new sponsors and new TV networks. The heck with the others who allowed themselves to be led by a disgruntled employee.

EDNA BOGUE, Henagar, Ala.