Good Deed: Special neighbors make special deliveries

Good Deed: Special neighbors make special deliveries

July 21st, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Contributed Photo Sarah Bowen holds Beau while sitting with John Walker and Nola.

Photo by Contributed Photo/Times Free Press.

Special neighbors make special deliveries

Sarah Bowen and John Walker, along with their dogs Beau and Nola, are grand-neighbors. Everyone in the neighborhood enjoys watching the dogs being walked. Beau races ahead and Nola saunters along.

Sarah and John are swimmers, divers, marathoners and volunteers in our community. John scuba-dives to feed the fish at our aquarium. Sarah has raised thousands of dollars in the Race for the Cure and has chaired this event for many years.

Many people know about their volunteer work, but they don't know about the care and kindness they show me. Every morning they bring my newspaper to my door and put it in the basket John placed there for that purpose. If there is mail in my box in the afternoon, they place it in the newspaper box. They are kind, considerate and caring.

My grateful appreciation to grand-neighbors and grand-dogs who help with these deliveries.

Catherine Helms