TVA pay explains need for rate increase and other letters to the editors

TVA pay explains need for rate increase and other letters to the editors

July 22nd, 2013 in Opinion Letters

TVA pay explains need for rate increase

TVA's executive pay has always been very offensive to its customers and significantly out of line with the salaries and bonuses of other government agencies and the businesses in this area.

Now the Chattanooga Times Free Press highlighted the $552,488 severance pay to retiring Preston Swafford; an absolutely atrocious action for a retiring government employee - especially with $2.3 million salary. A federal retiree receives no severance pay except in reduction-in-force situations. TVA seems to prioritize executive pay over good stewardship of the TVA system in view of recent problems; and at the expense of its customers.

I can now clearly see the need for TVA rate increases - to maintain their outrageous executive pay salaries, bonuses, etc.

How does TVA justify significantly higher salaries than federal government executives? Is their job more important and more complex than the positions of the president of the United States or the director of the Department of Defense? This severance pay is higher than the annual salary of either of these. Does this pass the common sense test? TVA pay is out of control and an affront to the public.

DAVID LACEY, Winchester, Tenn.

Media wrongly depicts Zimmerman as racist

Reading the Times editorial of July 16, I can only assume that you had George Zimmerman tried and convicted long before any trial. Obviously, truth did not factor into your opinion that Zimmerman was a racial predator just waiting to gun down a black teenager. The facts were that Zimmerman had no history of racism. The utterance of "f* punks" can refer to anyone black, white or Hispanic.

It is only your biased interpretation that is racist. Racism was injected by the media when NBC dishonestly edited the 911 tapes to make him sound racist. Of course you would not mention this in your editorial. An honest journalist would be appalled at this deception.

The media has been reluctant to tell us much about Trayvon Martin. Perhaps you could tell us why he was suspended from school. What was his state of mind that evening? I challenge you to get us the story on him. You portray Martin as a child. I suspect that in an old-time brawl fight Zimmerman would not stand a chance against Martin.

TONY STAMP, Dunlap, Tenn.

South Pittsburg needs government help

Baby, what an article. Tyler Jett's writing in Wednesday's paper about the South Pittsburg flood victims was heartfelt and very moving. I had mist in my eyes halfway through.

You can go farther north, south, east and west, but you will never find a grander bunch of people than those in South Pittsburg. There is a lot more to South Pittsburg than cornbread and football. There's the people.

Now these people need help. FEMA is turning its back on them over some ridiculous dollar amount of damage. If one person had damage, FEMA should help.

This town was devastated. Shame on FEMA, politicians and bureaucrats for turning your back on those who need your help and support.