Neighborhoodie cartoon 'spot on,' and more letters to the editors

Neighborhoodie cartoon 'spot on,' and more letters to the editors

July 24th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Neighborhoodie cartoon 'spot on'

Mr. Bennett's cartoon entitled Neighborhoodie Watch was "spot on" in my opinion - although my interpretation might not be what he intended.

Our society is so wrapped up in labeling people with one dimensional descriptions.

I have one of my own -- "immature young men trying to make a fashion statement by dressing like criminals." Hoodies are very popular among the young and of course they can dress anyway they like -- this is America. But bank robbers, drug dealers, and other unsavory criminals also wear hoodies to conceal their identities when engaging in illegal activity.

Therefore, many people (myself included) use common sense and take notice of people that conceal their faces with hoods, dark glasses, public, especially at night.

Another family has lost a son because of bad judgment on the part of a man and a teenage boy. We need to set examples and teach our children to make good choices and smart decisions. There may come a day when their lives depends on it.

NANCY BLAIR, Whitwell, Tenn.

Jesus, Martin died because of ego

There is no comparison to Jesus's trials and George Zimmerman's trial?

Jesus came to this earth to bring change and a new way to live and believe.

The establishment profiled Jesus as a troublemaker and after following him and thinking he was to no good brought him to trial.

He was innocent of all charges but was crucified to save people from their sins. He wasn't self-serving nor did he want to be a hero.

George Zimmerman wanted to be a hero. In his mind, this young unarmed black male was up to no good so he took it upon himself to follow Trayvon Martin and approach him in the dark bringing on this boy's unnecessary death.

Unlike Jesus' trial, the jury in Zimmerman's trial overlooked many inconsistencies in his statements and found him not guilty.

The death of Trayvon Martin reminds me of how Jesus, guiltless, died because of ego.


Times have changed from '30s to today

In the 1930s and 1940s Jews and others trying to escape the National Socialist death camps found it almost impossible to enter the United States.

Fast forward to the 21st century, a drug smuggler can walk across the border in the southwest and a Jihadist can land at JFK airport on a student visa.

Only an intellectual acrobat can understand this scenario.

JOHN COLE, East Ridge, Tenn.

My mother could run country better

I know my mother, who brought our family of five through the Depression, could run this country much better than the useless Congress running it now.

Guaranteed there would be no food stamp material being stuffed into barrels and shipped down to the Caribbean. And there would be no jet fighters and tanks going to Egypt, either.

WILLIAM BURTON, Cleveland, Tenn.

Corporate deeds lead to downfall

In 1886, a conservative Supreme Court breathed life into the Southern Pacific Railroad, and things have not been the same since. The corporations assumed the rights of personhood but none of the responsibilities. "We The people" -- the ones who work, cry, bleed, and live in this country -- understand those responsibilities and now are called to act to protect our rights from being exploited by corporations for monetary gains and political influence. Corporate exploitation has led to the downfall of our economy, all for profits. "We The People" have had enough and have begun to speak up against this injustice. Under the guise of personhood, corporations have diminished the power of the people for the sake of profits. The corporate hijacking of our political system should be met with a serious response from the people.

I leave you with a quote from Mitt Romney: "Everything the corporations earn goes to the people." -- Mitt Romney

If you understand that the people did not receive golden parachutes during the financial crisis and that free speech is a human right -- not a corporate right -- raise your voice and be heard.