Evolution is our only explanation and other letters to the editors

Evolution is our only explanation and other letters to the editors

July 25th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Evolution is our only explanation

There are millions of us who marvel at the mysteries and wonders of the universe without resorting to inventing a god to explain what we don't understand. We don't propose a soul separate from matter: They are one.

For example, have you ever observed the personality change of a person before and after traumatic brain injury? The person just disappears. You realize that a personality or soul is totally dependent on the health of the substance, much like computer software is dependent on hardware: no hardware, no software.

With regard to the question of God vs. evolution to explain life's diversity, evolution is the only explanation for existing data. If you resort to the "God did it" argument, you surrender reason and are left with preposterous questions: Why did God create 350,000 species of beetles? Who created 10 billion types of viruses, many which use the human body for its sex organ? Why create a blind spot by forcing the optic nerve through the eye? Why have 99 percent of God's creatures gone extinct?

Did God have a twisted sense of humor? Did He not know what he was doing? Or is evolution just the best explanation for life's creatures?


Organized labor is wrong move for Volkswagen

On July 18, 2013, Detroit, Mich., was forced to file for bankruptcy protection due to massive debts officials and taxpayers are unable to honor. Before the employees of the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga vote on whether to unionize, they should visit Detroit to witness the results of rampant union activity and what has been done to a once-proud manufacturing center. The population has declined from a high of 2 million-plus to its 1910 level of 700,000 and thousands of properties are for all intents and purposes, worthless.

An economy destroyed by the voracious greed of the same union that would now like to infect the beautiful city of Chattanooga with its malignant appetite for control. The union leaders care only for themselves and their power, and their advocates in the labor force don't seem to grasp the idea that part of something is much better than all of nothing.

The automotive companies that set up shop in the right-to-work South have been demonstrably successful for both labor and management with no participation by organized labor. For the good of the economic recovery, keep it that way.


Justice was served in Zimmerman case

I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Tom Herzog's letter in the July 19 Times Free Press. Each side had the same amount of time to prepare for George Zimmerman's trial. Let me ask this group of protesters what they would have done had Martin killed Zimmerman? Would they go nationwide protesting his innocence?

I am not racist. I have worked side by side with blacks in the cotton fields of South Alabama picking cotton and never felt I was better than them, but when justice is served, let it be served.

RAY MILLER, Rossville