Corker does not back constituents and other letters to the editors

Corker does not back constituents and other letters to the editors

July 27th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Corker does not back constituents

I am really curious what Sen. Bob Corker has against the folks he represents.

Corker blamed labor unions for Detroit's collapse, yet he knows Detroit has turned into a ghetto run by corrupt politicians. All the brains and money moved to the suburbs leaving behind a sewer. Union's fault? I think not. Corker wants to build fences so his contractor buddies can make a killing, while doing nothing about enforcing immigration laws already in place. All "comprehensive" means to Corker is spending money, not working on solutions. He is doing nothing to get the federal government out of education, even though we are 21st in math, 15th in science, and 8th in literacy worldwide, yet Corker wants business to be able to import smart kids from around the world to work cheap in the United States. I understand that Corker got his, but why not help those folks he represents get some, also?

If VW wants labor relations in its plant, what is his problem with it? Voters want to see illegal folks out of the country, so Corker should do something about it. If you need smart workers, educate Americans.

I will continue to vote libertarian, because Corker does not represent the people. He represents his friends with money.


Unions portrayed in an unfair light

Regarding the op-ed "Will Volks-wagen workers unionize?" The right side of the question thinks it is bad for liberty and bad for Tennessee. The op-ed states the UAW wants to come into "our" VW plant. How did it get to be ours, if it belongs to VW and the workers?

The workers who install tires or put fluid in the radiator were not the ones who cause trouble. The CEOs with their multimillion-dollar salaries, board of directors, engineers and designers, people who decide where to build and when to renovate, bankers who control the money flow, and last but not least, the red politicians who -- before our current president -- just about brought down the whole U.S. economy.

Those in control can make or break almost any car company.

I am a retired union member (IBEW) with 43-plus years in my trade, and one thing I can tell you: The union is the best thing that ever happened to a Long boy from Ooltewah.


Wilderness Act deserves our support

Thanks to Sen. Alexander and Sen. Corker for reintroducing the Tennessee Wilderness Act for this Congress.

The Tennessee Wilderness Act would add 20,000 acres to existing wilderness areas in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee. This is one of those efforts that has good outcomes for all of us in Tennessee and for everyone who wants to visit Tennessee and the Cherokee national forests from other places. It enriches the beauty that Tennessee has to offer, and it does not require any new funds to be appropriated.

We should consider the bill and the passage in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives to be a gift we all desire. It is a good thing.

Take a moment when you have the opportunity and lend your support to the Tennessee Wilderness Act.