'Special probe needed on attack' and more letters to the editors

'Special probe needed on attack' and more letters to the editors

June 4th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Special probe needed on attack

The letter in May 18 edition about Benghazi is following the leftist line. Obama crowed constantly about killing Bin Laden and putting Al Qaeda "on the run." According to him, that was the end of whatever he calls radical Islamist terrorism. After hearing in the late afternoon, Washington time, that the ambassador had said they were under attack, Obama was not heard from until the next day. Then he went to Las Vegas to politic.

There are a number of questions to be answered. Only a full-scale, Watergate-style special committee can find the answers. The independent review board the writer mentioned was appointed by Hillary Clinton and did not interview her. A subpoena by the committee could get what her review board missed. Gregory Hicks, in his testimony to Congress, said under oath that the few military in Tripoli, commanded by a special forces colonel, were ordered to "stand down" their rescue effort to Benghazi. What person gave that order? Had the truth not have been suppressed then, would it have influenced the election? Debatable. Would the truth now result in criminal or other action? There's only one way to know. The difference now is, four people died!


Amazon sure does sell everything

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside one of those giant Amazon warehouses? While working at both Chattanooga area warehouses, I noticed much more than just books and DVDs. Here begins my problem with this huge organization and encompasses issues I believe would also be of concern to the people of the genteel South.

Containers full of sex toys, very discreetly packaged without the usual commercial labeling. Fellow workers said, "Oh yes! We get those all the time. You'll see more!"

Hundreds more of these items in different sizes and shapes as well as books and DVDs for sex instruction and explicit gratification, sometimes stowed alongside Bibles or devotional books. The numbers involved make the roadside adult store look like a lemonade stand. It is ironic that these kinds of items are stored in such abundance right in the very heart of the Bible belt! No see, no foul, right?

Apparently Amazon is not joking when it claims to sell everything under the sun. Recent news articles about Amazon's tax-dodging ways, as well as warnings by some investment analysts, make me wonder about Amazon's future.

H. RANDALL McGINNIS, Dayton, Tenn.