Roberts' high opinion of Obama unfortunate and other letters to the editors

Roberts' high opinion of Obama unfortunate and other letters to the editors

June 6th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Roberts' high opinion of Obama unfortunate

The article by Dalton Roberts on May 28 started with some good points. When he donned his cheerleading outfit for Obama, however, I was turned off. When he said he was so proud when Obama was elected president, I could almost sense the tears welling in his eyes especially because this gave America a more reasonable and compassionate face to the world.

Then he gushed over Obama's brilliant wife and I lost my appetite, for I reserve "brilliant" for people like Hawking, Einstein and Curie.

WILLIAM GODSEY, Crossville, Tenn.

New plaza in Red Bank is unnecessary

What is the need to build a new shopping plaza in Red Bank?

I question the need for Red Bank to build a million-dollar shopping plaza next to Save-A-Lot on Dayton Boulevard while the shopping plaza at the corner of Ashland Terrace remains half empty. This is an ideal location for businesses, restaurants or a grocery store. I would rather Red Bank focus on businesses for this shopping plaza rather than spend millions of dollars for a new shopping plaza.

On the other hand, I would like to suggest that Chattanooga consider providing sidewalks for the apartments on Mountain Creek Road. When you turn left from Morrison Springs Road on to Mountain Creek Road, there are four apartments with no sidewalks. There is plenty of space for sidewalks. I am sure the residents of these apartments would appreciate having sidewalks to walk to the schools, etc.


Newspaper motto seems forgotten

Evidently the editors and publishers of the Chattanooga Times Free Press have a hard time following their own motto "to give the news impartially, without fear or favor."

What I am referring to is the front page article titled "DesJarlais fined for sex with 2 patients" published May 24 and the article "Panel weighs age of offense when setting DesJarlais fine," published May 30.

Why are these articles considered worthy of front page coverage? Could it be the Chattanooga Times Free Press has a political agenda, since you supported his Democratic opponent, Eric Stewart, during DesJarlais's congressional campaign?

A more worthy front-page story would be The Associated Press article that appeared in the Business section, page C3, on May 30, titled "Like your health care policy? You may be losing it."

My suggestion to the Chattanooga Times Free Press is to either live up to your motto or get rid of it.

BIGHORN J. HENDRIX, Cleveland, Tenn.

Escaped inmate should have thought first

Wow. An inmate escapes custody, steals a truck, flees 65 miles while speeding and ramming police cars. When he gets caught he expects to be treated like it was a friendly kids' game of hide and seek.

Aw shucks. It wasn't.