Lost generation remembers sacrifices and other letters to the editors

Lost generation remembers sacrifices and other letters to the editors

June 17th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Lost generation remembers sacrifices

Some years ago, a group of my friends were visiting England. After a while they decided to go to France. They boarded ships and boats and went to France. The ships had no place to dock, so they used a little shuttle boat to go to shore. The small boat developed problems and sank leaving the people to swim or wade to shore.

On their way to shore, some of them developed a piercing headache and had to rest in the water -- floating, half-submerged. Others arrived at the shore only to develop a severe stomach ache. They lay on the beach, holding their stomachs, quietly resting.

All were met with a large welcoming party, mostly Germans, who gave them a warm and hearty welcome. Some left England by air, some in gliders towed by airplanes, only to crash land in France. Some used parachutes to have a surprise party, but were given a warm welcome by the Germans.

My daily newspaper did not say anything about it. After all, it was 69 years ago and insignificant. The paper had important things to talk about, like a teenager being charged of a crime or other important facts.

I am nearly 90 years old and of a lost generation, but I will never forget and I will always appreciate the sacrifices these people paid for our freedom.


Criticism of Cee Lo Green is shameful

I was appalled to see such a negative article written on the front page of the Chattanooga Times Free Press regarding the performance of Cee Lo Green. While Chattanooga needs to be trying to fix the problems with inner-city schools and gangs (which do deserve front-page coverage), we choose to degrade such an outstanding performer. I was extremely embarrassed to read the article. And the June 11 follow-up, again regarding the performance, is ludicrous!

Why does this deserve so much attention? You apparently received a lot of negative response, regarding the initial article, which you figured warranted the changing of Cee Lo from being "banned" to "not welcomed back." I can let you know right now, I will never, ever attend a Riverbend function!

To those who so badly criticized Cee Lo's performance, you had a choice not to be there. Chattanooga, I believe, still has a very long, long way to go when it comes to equal treatment for all. We choose to downplay police brutality, letting certain officers go free for beating on certain victims here, but choose to be racially blatant when writing an article regarding the performance of an African-American performer at Riverbend.


Highway 27 speeders could hurt someone

Why all the speed limit signs at Highway 27 and Signal Mountain Road when no one obeys them? We could have saved money making the signs. I live in Soddy-Daisy and went to Chattanooga twice last week and was amazed at the speeding cars. I feared I would get run over, myself. Why not put a police car with its lights flashing there to get people to slow down? Better yet, why not run radar there and hand out a few tickets? The city could use the extra dollars. I'm sure the word would get around and people would slow down. At $500 a ticket, I'm sure that would slow down a lot of people.

I fear for the construction workers' lives and my own. I'm doing 45 mph, and people are passing me like I am sitting still. Help!

DIANA HEATH, Soddy-Daisy