'Pancreatic cancer legislation gives hope' and more letters to the editor

'Pancreatic cancer legislation gives hope' and more letters to the editor

June 19th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Pancreatic cancer legislation gives hope

Pancreatic cancer remains one of the deadliest cancers with a five-year survival rate of just 6 percent and no early detection tools or effective treatments.

Thanks to the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act, a new law enacted in January, there is hope for those touched by this disease. I would like to thank Sen. Bob Corker, Sen. Lamar Alexander and Rep. Chuck Fleischmann for supporting this historic legislation, which requires the National Cancer Institute to evaluate its current efforts in researching pancreatic cancer and focus on ways to improve outcomes for patients.

Due to sequestration, however, federal funding for medical and cancer research has been cut, and the progress we have made is being threatened. Without adequate NCI funding, it will be difficult to leverage the opportunities that develop as a result of the passage of the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act.

On June 18 thousands of advocates across the country joined for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's (www.pancan.org) National Call-in to Congress to urge them to save medical research that saves lives. This disease has had a devastating impact on my life, but with Congress' help, we will be able to develop the tools and treatments so desperately needed to give hope to future generations.


Father of the year goes to Orlando Shaw

I nominate Orlando Shaw of Nashville as 2013 father of the year. It was reported that Shaw is only 33 years old and already has produced 22 kids with 14 women, and he's not through. He most likely was working on number 23 last night somewhere in Tennessee. Yes, he's one of our own and we support his proclivity at the tune of over $7,000 each month in entitlements.

Orlando pays no child support. He says he can't find a job because he's a convicted felon and refuses to use contraception because the women want the babies. He professes his love for women and says they know he can't pay child support but still love him.

How many Orlando's would it take to bankrupt America? Any idea?

Shaw has discovered a program to destroy America without bombs, drones, guns or killing anyone. No bloodshed, only love, love and more love as God refers to throughout the Bible.

So how about a father of the year vote for this handsome hulk who is spreading all this love for us?



Father's Day edition highlighted great dads

The Sunday paper on Father's Day had the best notes about Fathers I've ever seen.

I didn't have a father, neither did my two sons. Their dad lives out of state and never sees them.

I worked every day supporting them. They each started to work early. They have never been in trouble; both went to a two-year college and have well-paying jobs.

I'm very proud of all the great fathers out there who were praised by their children.

I'm a senior, and still wish I'd had and known my dad.