'Abortion should be front page news, too' and more letters to the editors

'Abortion should be front page news, too' and more letters to the editors

June 28th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Abortion should be front page news, too

It is with horror and sadness we see in front page centerpiece news that 35 majestic, promising, innocent and defenseless horses perished in a fire, probably of accidental nature.

Yet where is the horror, sadness and front page news that millions of majestic, promising, innocent and defenseless babies perish regularly at the hands of calculating cowardly adults and killers using the title "doctor?"


Hamilton Lofts colors need to be toned down

Residents of North Chattanooga were rightly concerned with the exterior design of the Publix grocery store slated for North Market Street. Perhaps we should also have spent some time worrying about the design of the so-called Hamilton Lofts on North Market, just blocks from the proposed Publix site.

A very large building that makes no attempt to blend in with the neighborhood, this unsightly behemoth could best be described as psychedelic Caribbean rainbow nightmare. If you think I'm exaggerating, you have to see it for yourself. A typical suburban Publix will look like the Parthenon by comparison. I hope Mr. Wise will reconsider the exterior colors. Please.


VW workers shouldn't be bullied into union

The June 22 Times Free Press reported a "top global official's" public statement that VW will condition any Chattanooga plant expansion or additional model lines on the establishment of a labor panel similar to those in its other plants worldwide. This statement, and earlier less-demanding comments by Volkswagen officials, have been eagerly monitored and supported by the United Auto Workers Union, which has sought unsuccessfully to organize workers throughout the Southeast.

This recent statement should not influence any response that our local public officials choose to make, nor a decision by plant workers to be represented. Officials' response and workers' decisions should be guided by facts, including union intransigence which led to closure of Volkswagen's then sole U.S. plant in Michigan, the strong predominance of non-union auto plants in the Southeast, the resulting willingness of manufacturers to invest here and the nationwide decline in union membership.

The statement by this VW official should be recognized for exactly what it is: an arrogant threat that ignores our American labor laws and lacks any assurance that establishment of a labor panel for workers would result in plant expansion or broadening of model lines. Volkswagen demands much and promises nothing in return.


Meetings will reveal what tea party is about

In the Sunday rant on June 23 was the following, "What is the difference between a KKK rally and a tea party meeting? Robes."

That is one difference.

But please attend a tea party meeting. You can sit in the back and you don't have to contribute.

Just listen to the things we are concerned about that affect you: The IRS wasting your tax money; the IRS having access to your personal information. Do these things concern you?

Do you mind if the government listens to your phone calls, reads your email, tracks your movements, monitors how you spend your money?

Do you think it is acceptable for the FBI to lie to a judge to obtain a search warrant? Can the Justice Department be allowed to intimidate news reporters by threatening to arrest them?

Do you believe that it is satisfactory to allow our citizens and foreign ambassadors to be left defenseless in a foreign country to be killed by a mob?

Would you have told the military rescue parties to stand down and let them die?

Come to the next meeting. Decide the difference for yourself.