'Blame sits squarely on Cee Lo's shoulders' and more letters to the editors

'Blame sits squarely on Cee Lo's shoulders' and more letters to the editors

June 29th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Blame sits squarely on Cee Lo's shoulders

Kudos to Janet Minniear for an excellent letter placing blame for vulgar language where it belongs, i.e., on Riverbend performer Cee Lo Green. I am disappointed in the Free Press opinion page for urging us to accept this filth in a Riverbend setting. If a similar person bursts forth in a Walmart store, are we to accept it there also?


Legalization of drugs is logical solution

A recent letter writer is really missing the point in his rant about "liberals" creating drug dealers. The fact is humans have used mind-altering drugs as long as we have been on the planet.

The only choice we have is how people obtain these substances. In our current model of prohibition, they are provided by criminals who will sell drugs of unknown purity to anyone with the money to buy, including our kids. So, in effect, prohibition created the black market and dealers. I do not believe the liberals were responsible for prohibition.

It was more likely created by well-meaning uptight religious people who thought they were going to save the world from the dangers of drugs. The writer and those like him need to use some reason and realize the only solution is to legalize and regulate all drugs -- to save our children.

DAVE LANE, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Holes in evolution theory raise questions

In response to the June 24 letter about evolution: Evolution theory is getting to be more prevalent but there are some areas that still need some clarification. My understanding of the evolutionary theory is that it started with the Big Bang. Using this assumption makes me wonder where, within the myriads of uncountable galaxies, did the explosion take place? Also, what material caused the explosion, and from where did the material come? The same question could be asked about where the glob that crawled from the ocean started its existence?

Your notes are seemingly scientifically documented. Well, here is a surprise. The life (and death/resurrection) of Jesus also was well documented with 300-plus predictions over more than a thousand years which He fulfilled perfectly. Can your evolutionary theory foretell with such accuracy?

Do you know what is in your future? Followers of God are quite comfortable with what they know awaits them.

JIM ORRISON, Cleveland, Tenn.

Crash information hidden by government

Recent reports of the FBI interfering in NTSB plane crash investigations is not new. Since at least the early 1970s the FBI has had a special unit that has authority to go in and take charge in accident investigations where pertinent information is left out of NTSB final reports.

Some of these were investigated while Chattanooga's own Jim Hall was head of the NTSB. This just shows how unforthcoming our government is to correct facts.