Planes, tanks not an aid package and other letters to the editors

Planes, tanks not an aid package and other letters to the editors

March 15th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Planes, tanks not an aid package

The first four of the 20 F-16s fighter jets were delivered to Egypt in Jan. 2013. There are 16 others to follow, plus 200 Abram tanks as part of an aid package to Egypt. The new president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi has made very harsh statements; he attacked Obama and the United States for supporting Israel. In 2010 when the deal was signed, Morsi was then leader of the Muslin Brotherhood. He has called for the hatred of Jews to be nurtured in children and grandchildren

Lawmakers told Fox News that it makes no sense to arm his Islamist government with weapons that could one day be used against Israel or even Egyptians. I do not consider F-16s and tanks an aid package.

The U.S. government ordered the F-16s from Lockheed Martin in 2010 as part of a package that regularly topped $1 billion. According to research Lockheed Martin received a $213 million contract for the F-16s not to mention the 200 Abram tanks.

Morsi tried to take dictatorial powers, but was forced to back down after massive protest.


A 'thank you' to District 4

A hearty "Thank You" to all in District 4 who voted for change on March 5th. Together, let's roll up our sleeves and take back our district and city at our district runoff election on April 9th. As you know, I support our first responders wholeheartedly; as you and I shook hands, I heard your concerns about crime and gang activities invading our neighborhoods. I clearly see the need for police and firefighters to have proper equipment and numbers of personnel, and a restructuring of the pay grades to promote retention.

Secondly, I have seen firsthand the many neighborhood streets that need attention. Third, Chattanooga must be friendlier to small businesses (which spark jobs creation) striking a balance with invitations to larger industries and with the nearby neighborhoods. The new council must call for an audit of all departments for waste and rearrange the budget. Our taxes are for our collective good and they must be spent wisely.


Sheriff Hammond deserves respect

Sheriff Hammond deserves the respect that the First Amendment of our Constitution affords him. Having read his comments about why he thinks there is fear of our today's president is compounded by a "general erosion" of morals, spiritual and legal ideas, that is his view and the view of many of us.

Why do we condemn elected officials for offering their thoughts? I would like to know what each of you think. But, if we do like Commissioner Beck suggests, I am just "one of the sheep that has no shepherd and can be told anything and believe it." I, sir, take that extremely offensive to my integrity. Oh, and we are "gullible" too. Do I like what Mr. Beck said? No. But, our country has lost thousands of soldiers in war to defend him saying it. And I believe the sheriff deserves the same privilege.

The sheriff pointed out what many of us across the nation believe already and that is the fear of an uncontrolled government intent on buying up over two billion rounds of ammo and large guns. We have a president who does not stay at the office and all he is concerned with is bullying others into his way of thinking. "My way or the highway!"

TOM HAWKS, Soddy-Daisy

Obama lacking in leadership

Sheriff Hammond is correct in saying that there is much to fear about Obama's presidency, but it's not because he's black. To the liberals who always whine about racism, get over it. With his paper tiger diplomacy, indifference to debt, sowing fear and uncertainty with partisan nanny state politics, despicable class warfare, Obama is not showing leadership.

In the early '70s I served under a black 1st Sergeant in the U.S. Army that I have huge respect for. He was a two time Vietnam combat veteran, tough, proud, blunt, authoritative -- guys would run through a wall for him. Why? Because he was a strong leader of young men and he commanded respect. His skin color was immaterial because he was a professional soldier.

At times back then (as a 20 year old punk) I didn't much like him, but I still remember him 40 years later -- that's leadership! There are numerous black or Hispanic conservatives I would choose for president over any Caucasian -- race has nothing to do with good leadership.


President just a political hack

The next two years you will see the dirtiest Chicago politics you have ever witnessed. Lies, scamming and slander will become norm. President Obama is determined to get full power by capturing the House of Representatives. If he succeeds there will be no stopping his socialistic ideas.

It all started back in 2008 and has gained speed since the 2012 election. If you haven't seen it happening you are slumbering. He said several times that the sequestration was the Republicans' idea when we now know it was his idea. He said he was going to cut the deficit in half and has doubled the deficit.

President Obama's political strategy is to make the billions in recent federal budget cuts as painful as possible to win the public opinion battle against Republicans. The Republicans wanted to allow him to selectively make cuts in the budget, but he refused. He is protecting waste to create pain on the American people; then blame it on the Republicans all in a ploy to get the House back.

This bloated government should be able to cut 2.2 percent without inflicting pain on the American people. Obama is a political hack!

DONALD STEWART, Signal Mountain

Keeping pace with the third world

What is wrong with our city? Shallowford Road between Gunbarrel and Jenkins has been torn up for 15 months and there is no sign of the end. It's less than a mile long. For two Christmases, the route to Hamilton Place has been just a mess. We used to be a nation of "can do."

Looks like we've sunk to the pace of third-world countries. It's embarrassing! What kinfolk got this contract?