Officials need to focus on city's best interests and other letters to the editors

Officials need to focus on city's best interests and other letters to the editors

May 10th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Officials need to focus on city's best interests

As Chattanooga begins to learn the strength, weakness, competence and commitment of the newly installed mayor and City Council, we must continue to remind these officials to represent the needs of all who enter our town.

They are the visitors, residents, students and commuters who live, work and shop here or cross our borders every day.

I entered the mayoral race because I wanted to continue my service to this community that started as a Boy Scout and followed me into the Navy during the Vietnam War and convinced me to protect Chattanooga's people and property as a firefighter when I came back home.

Let me thank those who listened to my plans for a safe, healthy, economically robust city. Thanks to those who voted for me or debated the issues with me.

Now, the task at hand is to monitor the work being done by these incoming office holders. Keep them accountable for the decisions they make and the direction our town travels.

Peace and prosperity be yours. God bless the new mayor and his administration. That is my prayer.

CHESTER HEATHINGTON, Chattanooga mayoral candidate

Afghanistan won't change its mind on U.S.

As stupid as it was for an American soldier to throw rocks at a picture of Karzai in a town square in Afghanistan, it is just a bit confusing to me.

These same Afghan citizens would be perfectly OK with the burning of any image of President Obama, or the burning of an American flag, but throwing a rock at a picture of their president is not OK.

This again points to the futility of any effort on our part to create a relationship with this country. Their culture, their beliefs, their understanding of the world outside their village are absolute. Nothing that ventures outside that box is acceptable, or in any way desired.

No matter how much money we pour into the pockets of their corrupt government, or how many American lives are lost, will we not see a change. If anything, as scary as it is, this country goes backward more than forward. When will we ever learn?


Chickens belong on a farm, not in city

Have you ever lived next door to someone with chickens? Consider your vote; City Council, consider the long-term consequences. Once a law is passed, repealing it is next to impossible.

If you want to raise chickens, move to a country farm area. Do not create smells, noise, diseases and conflicts with your close neighbors. They have rights, also.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.