Bennett's 'cheap' humor is challenged, and more letters to the editors

Bennett's 'cheap' humor is challenged, and more letters to the editors

May 15th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Bennett's 'cheap' humor is challenged

The Times Free Press should be ashamed at the despicable so called "humor" of the editorial cartoon by "Bennett" (whoever this coward is).

I have been to the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. When leaving the museum, the furthest thing from your mind is to try to associate this ultimate of dastardly crimes in human history with any form of levity. In addition, the tradition of presidential libraries is time-honored with all living presidents attending, regardless of political affiliation. Isn't there enough ill will in this world -- as demonstrated by the Boston terrorist strike?

The opening of a presidential library is a joyous event, and the murder of precious Jewish families warrants our tears and not cheap humor.


Collins must answer about live he lives

"ESPN regrets that Chris Broussard became a 'distraction' after Jason Collins came out."

This was the headline put out by What is interesting is the comment of Jason Collins. I'm sure he disagrees with Chris Broussard and agrees with ESPN about diversity.

It is his comment about being a Christian that has to be addressed. It is fruitless to discuss whether anybody believes he is a Christian. What has to be addressed is what the Bible says to a believer who openly walks contrary to scriptures. There is an answer to this that a believer needs to seriously think about. Every believer will answer for the life we lived.


Sheriff's deputy is above the law

Can someone please tell me why is it that the Hamilton County sheriff's department is above the law.

Deputy Tabor brought a bunch of minors up to his house in the mountains and gave them alcohol. The last time I checked, he broke the law giving them alcohol -- and if it was me or anybody else -- we would be in jail and have to go to court.

But why no charges?

I guess Mr. Sheriff's boys can't be touched. They can break the law that they are sworn to uphold. What a joke. I should get a job as a deputy. Never mind I have to look at myself when I shave, and I like what I see. I wonder if the sheriff and his deputies like what they see.


It's time to vote yes to marriage equality

The time has come. The time is now. Chattanooga is blessed with the most intelligent brain trust in the world. Our mayors are sharp. The councilmembers, commissioners and representatives from the state house to the precinct are the brightest and best-educated. Our pastors, ministers, rabbis and clergy-persons are well-educated, compassionate, caring individuals filled with understanding and knowledge.

It is time for all of Hamilton County, and, yes, all of Tennessee to declare the time now is for all citizens to enjoy marriage equality.

Yes, this includes same-sex marriage.

It is time for all citizens to have the choice of whom they love, whom they marry, with the same rights, privileges and benefits of all citizens.

Present your resolutions at the next meeting of your governing body. Discuss it!

Vote on it! Pass it! Do this for your constituents! They want it! They deserve it! They've earned it!

The time is come. The time is now.