Planned Parenthood speech saddening and other letters to the editors

Planned Parenthood speech saddening and other letters to the editors

May 17th, 2013 in Opinion Letters

Planned Parenthood speech saddening

It was with sadness that I heard the president's speech at the Planned Parenthood convention. In light of the atrocities and inhumane treatment of newborn babies noted in the Kermit Gosnell trial, is his presence at Planned Parenthood appropriate, since they are the No. 1 abortion providers in the U.S.?

I'm really grieved by my president's actions. And I'm concerned over the plight of the children to be born and the young women who will give new life to them.

The protection for the vulnerable and oppressed is what the U.S. has always prided itself on, even from the birth of America. But that is not the message perceived by America from our president's speech.

Is the president joining sides with providers like Gosnell who serve "Sunday baby" specials? These are the late-term pregnancies where Gosnell and his wife were the only staff present in the abortion clinic aborting the large babies.

If there is nothing he did wrong, why did he have to hide from his staff; why only abort the large babies on Sunday?

Let's join forces to protect women and our future generation because that's the real war on women!


Ooltewah has lost a devoted coach

Coach Norma Nelson has built quite a softball empire at Ooltewah High School in her 25-year career. But she recently was given the opportunity by Principal Mark Bean to resign or be fired so he could take the program "in another direction."

With over 600 wins, four state finals, three state championships, numerous players going on to play at the college level, and never having a losing season, Coach Nelson lived up to what she always expected of her players. She did not quit! So she was fired for no apparent reason other than she lacked the enthusiasm he expected.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Robert Sharpe was correct when he said he could not micromanage every school in the county and that coaching decisions are left to the principals of each school. But Dr. Sharpe, you are responsible for hiring competent principals who do not practice good ol' boy politics in their schools.

This insanity is like someone firing Coach Pat Summit because she failed to smile enough. I hope and pray Coach Nelson receives an offer from a school that will appreciate her devotion and love of the sport. What a drastic loss for Ooltewah High.

CHRIS SCOTT, Ringgold, Ga.